For some
inexplicable reason, we always enjoy spending time near water, and we
especially enjoy going to the beach. We are drawn to the water, even though it
may be very cold, it has things that want to bite and sting us living in there,
and it may even be unsafe at times, due to rip tides. This doesn’t put us off,
however, and when the opportunity presents itself, we are in there, waist deep,
in salt water. As soon as there is any hint of the sun coming out, we load up
the car with the kids, and set off for the beach. We can spend a full day
there, relaxing and hopefully getting a suntan. When it comes time to go home,
both the kids and the adults are generally not happy about this.

The benefits.

There are many
ways that you can enjoy the ocean like booking a Simpson yacht charter, for example,
and spending the whole day enjoying the wide expanses, and the fantastic views.
The ocean provides us with an amazing list of health benefits, and we shall
have a brief look at some of those benefits here today.

  • Fresh
    air –
    The first thing that any person does on reaching the ocean, is to breathe
    in a lungful of sea air. Breathing in the sea air helps to clear out your lungs
    of any mucus, and it improves your lung function overall. Food always tastes
    better when you eat it on the beach, and this is because the salt air opens up
    your taste buds, and makes them more sensitive. Every time you visit the ocean,
    you can enjoy its many therapeutic benefits.
  • Great
    for the skin –
    When you go for a swim in the ocean, the salt water provides great
    benefits for your skin. It is also really good for your scalp, and your hair.
    If you have any issues with dandruff or oily hair, a swim in the ocean might be
    just what you need. For those with issues with acne, or other skin problems,
    the salty ocean water helps to dry it up, and they heal much quicker.
  • Aerobic
    exercise –
    Swimming has
    always been regarded as one of the best cardio exercises around, because it is
    kind to your joints and is very low impact. When swimming in the ocean, you get
    to enjoy a full body workout. There are so many other things to do on the
    ocean, like surfing, canoeing and kayaking, and even kite surfing on the beach.
    The reason that you’re at the beach, is probably because it’s a sunny day, and
    so you get to enjoy massive amounts of vitamin D from the sun.

The ocean is a great place to go to, when you have spare time, but you
need to take some additional protection whilst there. Be sure to use a
sunscreen, and try to drink lots of water. It’s a great day out for all of the
family, whether yachting, or just taking it easy on the beach.