Due to recent
issues surrounding modern society, people are now looking at situations much
differently, and they are also reconsidering how they shop. In the past, the
vast majority of us would do most of our shopping at the local supermarket or
hypermarket. We shopped at these locations due to the fact that there was a
much better selection to choose from, and prices were generally cheaper than the
high street stores. However, whilst many of these larger enterprises have
closed their doors, the local independent businesses tried to keep their doors
open, for our benefit.

Consider the

Now, as things return to normal, many people are seeing the benefits in supporting the local independent business owner, and now when we look for tyres in Brisbane, groceries, or any other necessities, we now turn to our local stores for what we need. This is a very positive step in the right direction, and supporting your local business has a positive knock-on effect, which creates numerous benefits for the community. We will explore some of those benefits here today.

  • It
    helps the local economy –
    always good to help the people that live and work in your community. When you
    spend your money in the large chains, only about 40% of that remains within the
    local community. If you shop with an independent business, however, 60% of that
    expenditure stays locally. That additional money is going to create more jobs,
    which has a knock-on effect within the whole community.
  • Better products and customer service – When you do your
    shopping at the larger stores, all you are to them is a number. When you do
    your shopping at the local independent businesses, you have a face and name,
    and your shopping experience is much better. You will receive close and
    personal customer service, and they will remember you, when you come to shop
    with them again and again.
  • Local job creation – New jobs are
    primarily created and provided by local business. According to recent business
    statistics, local small and medium-sized businesses make up about 60% of the
    private sector workforce. Independent businesses also tend to pay their staff
    more, and give them additional perks, like more days off, and some time off
    during the day to do some personal things.
  • Increase
    in property values –
    the local economy is busy, and property owners live near the local high street
    or shopping precinct, prices for properties tend to go up. Once again, this has
    a positive knock-on effect within the local community.

It is easy to see that by supporting local Independent businesses, you’re
doing the right thing for your local community. Everyone is working together,
and spending within the local economy, and this creates what is called the
’multiplier effect.’ This allows money spent in the community to grow further,
and revenue is spread out amongst all of the local occupants. The money stays
within the community, and the community grows stronger.