More and more
Australian homeowners are turning to DIY solutions in an effort to keep home
improvement costs to a minimum, and as the saying goes, a workman is only as
good as his tools. Therefore, you do need quite an array of hand and power
tools if you are to create quality home improvements, and with that in mind,
here are just a few of the essential tools to add to your growing collection.

  • Hand-Held Circular Saw – They come in a range of sizes and are ideal for cutting timber and some metals. You can cut struts to length or even trim down sheets of plywood with a circular saw, making it an essential tool for any sort of carpentry.
  • Power Screwdriver – This rechargeable unit can make very short work of screwing of any kind, plus it can save you a lot of hard work, especially when fixing floors. When not in use, simply leave it on the charger base and it will be ready whenever you need it.
  • Hand Saws – There are several types of hand saw that you might require. The long rip saw, which is designed to cut through sheets, a coping saw, which is used for cutting curved shapes, plus a hacksaw for cutting metal. The tenon saw is designed for cutting joints, and with a firm, short blade, one can cut straight lines very accurately.
  • Claw Hammer – You will definitely need a claw hammer – the claw is used to remove nails, while the hammer is for driving in nails.
  • Tile Cutter – This device enables you to cut tiles squarely and accurately, and with affordable bathroom tiles online, you can re-tile your bathroom for a fraction of the cost of a builder. This can also be used to draw lines, as it has a base that secures material and you can draw a 90-degree line using the straightedge arm.
  • Smoothing Plane – There are several types of carpentry plane, which is used to shave down timber, which is necessary when hanging doors, or trying to make a section of timber fit perfectly into a space. Of course, you could invest in an electric planer, which does the job in no time and is preferable if you like making furniture, as this machine allows you to accurately downsize timber.
  • Spirit Level – Absolutely essential to keep your lines straight and level, a spirit level comes I short, medium and long lengths, depending on the work at hand. Used for both horizontal and vertical elevations, a spirit level ensures that doors are hung squarely and uprights are plumb, and a long and short version would be all you need.
  • Grips and Pliers – You would need a range of these handy tools for things like stripping wire, removing nails, or gripping anything. A large set of adjustable grips allows to get a firm hold on almost anything, and there are specialist grips for electricians and plumbers, which are designed specifically for the trade.

The above are just
a few of the tools that you will need to acquire if you are to transform your
home with a few DIY home improvements.