There is something special about air tools. Perhaps they just seem more natural or pleasant compared to other forms of mechanical power. In many fields, air tools are the premium choice, and in some cases the only way to get things done. Air tools are elegant and efficient, and they last a very long time. They have found their ways into many industries. And in some cases, revolutionized how things are getting done. Let’s have a look at some of the areas where air tools have become the tools of choice.

  • Dentist: It is a wonderful thing that our dentists have access to these delicate air tools, so they do not have to use bulky electronic drills and grinders in our mouths. The simple mechanics of air tools make small precision devices like dental tools a possibility. Another advantage is that these tools can swap their airlines conveniently so that the dentist does not always have to contend with cords while he works.
  • Auto Body: Air tools might be used more in auto body work, than any other industry. Focus Air Group compressed air systems have industrial air compressors for autobody work. Whether they are stripping a painted surface, grinding metal, hammering out dents, or applying paint. Air tools are in constant use. One of the advantages of the air tools is the lack of sparks and or possibility of electric shocks. Auto body shops are full of fumes and various chemicals. But air tools pose no threat of shorting out or being a source of ignition. Air powered polishers and grinders reduce the noise, as well as being lighter and easier to use. And the paint booth just could not function without the use of paint sprayers powered by air.
  • Underwater work: Working underwater would not be possible at all without compressed air. Self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCUBA) are not the only way compressed air gets used under water. Many of the underwater mechanical tools are powered by compressed air because it is available and safe. Compressed air is usually the safest alternative for lifting objects from the sea floor
  • Artists: The airbrush has been around since 1876. But it really came into its own in the last century. The application of pigment to a surface by air, gives the artist unparalleled ability to gently layer and blend in a very precise manner. The technique was adapted to retouching in photography and the effect was so revolutionary that the term airbrushing is still used today for retouching photos. Airbrushing is also an art form to itself and it is popular in the fantasy genre, perhaps because of the nebulous qualities it creates. When it comes to customising vehicles, airbrushing is king, and some artists have become legendary, creating incredible works of art that can only now be approximated with digitally generated wraps.

There are few limits to the application of compressed air to do mechanical work, and when tools are created, they often become the industry standard. It is a real pleasure to work with this kind of equipment, but often these tools are not well known because they are mostly used at the expert level.