We are definitely moving into a new dimension with industry, as new technology emerges and one such sector is the white glove logistics industry that transports, locates and installs technical equipment. Some of the sectors that use white glove logistics include the finance sector, healthcare, hospitals and fitness studios, where technical equipment is widely used.

Here are a few of the services offered by the white glove logistics provider.

  • Final Mile Delivery – Large and complex tech equipment that requires specialised transportation and installation falls under the last mile delivery category, with the specialists using suitable transportation to move the equipment to its final location, before installing and configuring the equipment, ready for use. The white glove team might take control of the equipment at the factory, or perhaps close to the installation site, which is known as ‘final mile’ delivery and they are able to do both.
  • Data Centres – Whether installing a new data centre or relocating an existing one, the white glove logistics company employs qualified technicians who are manufacturer-approved to work with data servers of all makes. They are capable of installing the essential server racking and can also set up the climate control to ensure that the servers are in the right working environment. Some businesses are making the transition from paper to digital solutions and this is something the white glove provider can handle.
  • Equipment Installation, Configuration & Testing – Let’s say that a new fitness centre has ordered 25 specialised fitness machines, the white glove logistics company would be ideal for such a project, while they also deliver and install ATMs, connecting them to the network and testing that all is well, leaving the machine open for use. Banks typically have a standing contract with a white glove provider, who are contracted to collect and install all ATM, cash deposit and passbook update machines across the UK and they have industry-approved technicians with a high security clearance to carry out this work. Medical equipment in hospitals can be bulky and extremely delicate; MRI machines and CT scanners, being good examples and this is another job for the white glove logistics company.
  • WEEE Recycling and Disposal – When large companies decide to replace all their workstation computers, there are often a few hundred machines involved and the white glove specialist handles such operations. It might be to remove the old IT hardware, dispose of it responsibly, then deliver and install the new hardware and with qualified technicians, the operation goes smoothly. Click here for UK regulations regarding electrical equipment disposal and recycling.
  • Hi-Tech Warehousing – If you are taking delivery of expensive and delicate tech equipment but are not yet ready to install, the white glove logistics company has secure warehousing, where your equipment will be stored in the ideal environment, with precise climate control, maintaining the optimum temperature and humidity to protect the equipment.

Many of the machines we use on a daily basis have been delivered and installed by white glove teams and if you should be in need of hi-tech logistics, a Google search will help you find the UK market leader, who has all the solutions to safely deliver, install and configure your equipment.