We are starting to use more and more natural resources as humans keep occupying the earth. One thing we don’t think about though is many of these once thought of infinite resources are actually being used at a rate that is proving that soon they will run out.

One such resource is good quality sand which is a main ingredient in cement and glass production.

When producing these building materials you need a high quality type of construction grade sand and with the concrete industry using around twenty five billion tons of this good sand and gravel per year the once thought unusable resource is actually coming to an end.

This is where Finite comes in. Finite is quite a new material that’s also biodegradable and produced out of desert sand. It’s roughly the same strength as concrete which is important to with hold the building regulations but it’s mian draw card is that it is actually far more sustainable overall as a building material. This is the direction that the world needs to start heading into if it faces any chance to combat the risk of climate change and the effects of consumption on the planet in general.

The people who have come up with the idea for Finite are from a London College and have been working on the concept for quite a reasonable amount of time. Not only are they creating the product to be more environmentally friendly but they are developing it to be nontoxic. This is also a huge positive for construction workers as they already deal with many dangers and hazards in their line of work. Some of the hazards that construction workers deal with are physical injuries to their bodies and these risks can be mitigated through wearing certified construction clothing but other building materials such as gases and fine materials that workers constantly deal with and breathe in on a regular basis are more detrimental to their health in the long run. So as you can imagine, the building industry will welcome anything that is more beneficial to the health of their workers.

About 70% of the power consumed in America is used for building new houses, large complexes and construction in general.

You can imagine at this rate materials are being used at a very rapid rate with no sign of slowing down. So qualified leading people in the construction industry believe through calculated estimates  that there may be only about twenty years of the correct grade sand that can be used in the to fill the building industry’s demands.

Being able to reuse and recycle materials in the building industry is so helpful and is a step that needs to be taken to curve the amount of waste being produced. Just to give you an idea of how much actual waste is being produced a recent report calculates that the volume of waste 2025 will almost double to over 2 billion tons of construction waste products. This will make the Northern American region, after Asia, the second biggest waste producer in the world.