8 Hidden Benefits of Having Your Home's Air Ducts Cleaned

Whether you’ve just moved into your house or long to do a deep clean, getting your air ducts cleaned is a wise choice. You and your loved ones will breathe easier.

1. Remove Odors

Cooking smells and pet odors should be removed from your house through your ductwork, but if your ducts are loaded with clinging dust, those odors will cling as well. Airborne grease and water will weigh dust down, keeping it moist and increasing the risk of mildew.

2. Lower Allergen Risk

If anyone in your household struggles with allergies or asthma, the dust, pollen, pet hair, and pet dander in your ductwork can increase the risk of a dangerous flare-up. Properly brushed, vacuumed, and cleaned ducts will protect your household.

3. Keep Your Home Cleaner

No matter how many times you clean a room, if your ducts are full of dust and blowing it around your house every time the furnace comes on, you’re fighting a losing battle. Before you need to close up your house for summer heat or winter cold, get your ducts cleaned.

4. Protect Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system will suffer if your ducts are dirty. Dust can build up and clog ductwork. Dust can be dragged through your HVAC system and dirty up the works. To work well, your HVAC system has to be clean. Regular maintenance of the HVAC components and a thorough cleaning of your ducts can keep your system running longer.

5. Send Pests Away

Pests such as mice and rats that make their home in your home will leave an unpleasant footprint. Rodent droppings will appear everywhere, including in your ductwork, as mice and rats make a space their home. If you’ve been fighting an infestation, get your ducts cleaned to make sure that particular marking is gone for good.

6. Reduce Pet Dander Load

Pets make our lives better, but their dander can get stuck in your ducts. Careful cleaning of your ducts on a regular basis may be required if you have multiple pets. Even if you don’t have pet hair in your ducts, you more than likely have dander throughout your home and in your ductwork.

7. Improve Overall Air Quality

It seems that many home products come with a particular scent. Over time, these fragrances can impact your indoor air quality. Even if you’re working hard to only use unscented products, the chemicals in these products can linger. Getting your ducts cleaned will remove any chemical buildup and improve your air quality.

8. Protect Ducts Themselves

Dust in a pile can grow damp over time. In addition to becoming a haven for mildew and bacteria, this damp dust can increase the risk of corrosion. A thorough duct cleaning, before your ductwork is chilled by cold air, will remove this risk.

A conversation with a duct cleaning expert can help you plan your next duct cleaning. Even though it’s a cleaning action that won’t be visibly obvious, you’ll be surprised at just how fresh your home feels and smells! Absolutely! Consulting with a duct cleaning expert can provide valuable insights into the condition of your ductwork and the benefits of regular maintenance.