Workplace injuries are typically unexpected and no matter to be taken lightly, roughly 2.9 million workplace injuries occurred in 2016 for which worker’s compensation provided benefits. Workplace safety is imperative, and companies are smart to allocate an amount from the company budget to teach best practices for being safe at work and to keep facilities up to specification.

“It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe workplace, but it is also the duty of the employee to exercise caution while working,” stated Marc Anidjar, worker’s compensation lawyer in Jacksonville. Major worldwide insurance companies have researched worker’s compensation injuries, and have identified the following injuries for which claims have been filed the most frequently.


Straining or overworking may happen when a person pulls, lifts, throws, or pushes an object that causes a muscle to be pulled or a joint to move past the normal range of motion. Overexertion has been the most frequently reported workplace injury.

Trips or Slips

Slipping on floors that are wet is cause for many workers’ compensation claims. Tripping on icy paths is also not uncommon, which is a reason why employees should utilize additional caution in winter months when working outside or when entering and exiting the building.

Falls from Elevations

A tumble down a level could be a worker falling down stairs, a ladder, or even a roof. Construction workers and roofers usually have the highest chances of encountering these types of injuries.

Physical Reaction

An injury from a bodily reaction may take place when someone slips or trips and does not fall, but still is hurt with an injury like a sprained or twisted ankle. This type of injury can affect anyone working in almost any industry.

Hit by an Object

This kind of workplace injury is common and can happen when an object falls from a high shelf. This situation that may arise frequently in roofing and construction industries and may occur if an object falls from heights.

Pushed Against a Stationary Object

This type of workplace injury could arise if a person is physically pushed onto something like a barricade, bookshelf, or another large object. A variety of tasks could cause a worker to fall onto a rigid object, such as the incorrect operation of heavy machinery.

Vehicle Accident

Accidents that take place in company vehicles when conducting business are somewhat common, which is why driver’s safety programs should always be implemented. However, car accident injuries are not normally covered by worker’s compensation if the accident took place while workers are coming to or going from work.

Performing Repetitive Actions

An injury incurred from performing the same movements over and over may be difficult to identify and can also be tough to prove. Injuries of this type can happen after moving boxes, typing, sitting, or by performing other kinds of repetitive actions. Tendonitis, bursitis, and carpal tunnel are medical conditions that are commonly associated with cumulative or repetitive movements. The right hand surgeon can help alleviate pain due to a number of conditions.