Depression in the United States has reached a boiling point. With more than 17 million adults in the U.S. experiencing at least one depressive episode in the last year, depression and dealing with mental health problems are more important than ever. As the leading disability in the world, according to a publication by the World Health Organization (2020),

As we increasingly understand the importance of mental health, companies like Mindful Health Solutions are doing their part to help make things better. Headquartered out of San Francisco with locations throughout Los Angeles and the rest of California, Mindful Health Solutions has a range of exciting and innovative services in the mental health field.

Let’s take a closer look at the top psychiatrist near me and their new name change and service offerings.

Los Angeles Location Opens to Patients

Alongside rebranding efforts, the team at Mindful Health Solutions has been focused on developing and expanding one of its newest locations in Los Angeles at 5455 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #903. Established to provide clients with access to innovative mental health solutions, including transcranial magnetic therapy and esketamine nasal spray, this new location is staffed by four psychiatrists as well as a nurse practitioner.

Other new locations in the Mindful Health Solution umbrella can be found near Sacramento in Roseville and Elk Grove.

Rebranding Efforts & Innovative Solutions

Before we delve into the new and exciting mental health treatments available through Mindful Health Solutions, a moment must be spent exploring rebranding efforts by founder Dr. Richard Bermudes.

Originally founded in 2007, Dr. Richard Bermudes would become an essential voice in the world of transcranial magnetic solutions, otherwise known as TMS Therapy. A leader in the field of TMS practices, Bermudes’s company would change its name from TMS Health Solutions to Mindful Health Solutions in an effort to better encapsulate the work that they are doing.

According to Dr. Bermudes and the team at Mindful Health Solutions, the new name better encapsulates their offerings as they seek to tend to patients at every level. Mindful is the operative word in the new company name as they seek to maintain complete patient focus. Dr. Bermudes stated, “Over the past few years we have developed a practice that (we believe) redefines the psychiatric outpatient experience.”

More than a simple rebranding strategy, the new name seeks to underscore the evolution of the business as well as its target in the future. Alongside the new name and company logo, Mindful Health Solutions has released a host of services that they have integrated into their TRD treatment modalities.

Treatment-resistant depression impacts millions of Americans of all ages and backgrounds every single year. Let’s look at how Mindful Health Solutions can help YOU to find your path to health and vitality.

Mental Health Solutions: Taking Aim at Depression

Since its inception, Mindful Health Solutions has been entirely focused on patient-centric care with a backbone of research, groundbreaking treatment methods, and cutting-edge information. A trendsetter in the field of treatment-resistant depression, let’s look at how Mindful Health Solutions can support your efforts at living and feeling better.

What Is Clinical Depression?

Clinical depression can also be known as Major Depressive Disorder. This mood disorder can cause a range of symptoms ranging from feelings of emptiness and anxiety to the idea that you would be better off not around anymore. Nearly 6.7% of the population will experience an episode of Major Depressive Disorder in their lives. Of that group of people, nearly 40% will struggle with treatment-resistant depression which does not respond to traditional medication.

Treating Major Depressive Disorder

If I were looking for a psychiatrist near me in Los Angeles to treat TRD, Mindful Health Solutions would have the necessary services.

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – Leaders in this cutting-edge field, Mindful Health Solutions specializes in TMS therapy. This non-invasive form of therapy involves a magnetic wand carefully placed over the area of our brain most responsible for mood regulation. Therapeutic solutions are undertaken over several sessions and can be combined with other therapeutic modalities such as talk therapy or medication.
  • Esketamine Nasal Spray – This prescription nasal spray is ideal for individuals not finding success through other treatments. Esketamine Nasal Spray is administered in the office under the guidance of a medical professional. This self-administered medical solution is safe and non-invasive, though patients will require a ride home following their treatment.
  • Telepsychiatry Services – Video conferencing is available as needed for clients who choose that communication method. Insurance is accepted and many health plans are even waiving copay fees at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you need a consultation, a second opinion or support from industry leaders in TMS therapy, the team at Mindful Health Solutions is ready to leap into action. Contact Mindful Health Solutions today to learn more!

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