You’ve heard about network assessments, but you’re not sure when (or if) your business needs one. The fact of the matter is that every business can benefit from a network assessment. 

What is a network assessment?

A network assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s IT infrastructure. Its purpose is to provide insight not just on individual components of the network but how everything functions together as a whole. 

To make the most of a network assessment, it’s best to contact a third-party IT company with an unbiased perspective. IT services in Moore, OK can conduct a network assessment for your business and offer suggestions for improvements based on your unique business goals. 

When should I get a network assessment?

If you’ve never had a network assessment conducted, the best time to get one done is now. 

Some small business owners believe their company needs a significantly complex IT system to benefit from a network assessment. In actuality, all companies can benefit from an evaluation, no matter how small. 

Though optimization and automation are components of a rigorous network assessment, planning for future growth and security enhancement are goals that every company should have. 

Other times you may choose to get a network assessment include when:

  • Upgrading outdated technology
  • Planning changes to your existing network structure

Benefits of a network assessment

There are multiple reasons to conduct a network assessment, but the most popular reasons include: 

  • Optimization of security systems
  • Reduction of IT associated costs
  • Facilitation of business growth

Improve your security

With cyber-attacks continually rising, ensuring your IT infrastructure is well-equipped to prevent these attacks is essential. A data breach could result in the loss of trust and loyalty of customers, thereby damaging your company’s reputation forever. 

A network assessment will boost your security in a couple of ways: 

  1. A network assessment will identify any vulnerabilities that currently exist in your network. Knowing your vulnerabilities before a potential hacker does allow you to repair them before they can exploit them. 
  2. A network assessment can identify strategies to boost your overall security. For example, implementing network segmentation can prevent a potential cyber attack from affecting the entire system. 

This process will also help you gain a clear understanding of the level of risk posed to your company and allow your IT department to create a suitable disaster recovery plan. 

Reduce costs

As a business grows, components are added to an existing IT system over time. As more and more elements are added, some may become more or less irrelevant without notice. 

A network assessment will pinpoint which components are being overworked and which are being used much less than they could be. With this knowledge, your IT professionals will be able to find replacements for these components.

Eliminating components that are no longer needed will result in considerable cost savings, allowing you to invest that saved money elsewhere.

Facilitate business growth

At the end of the day, knowledge is power. Having a clear, comprehensive understanding of your IT network will enable you to make plans for future growth. 

Understanding what technologies will and will not work with your IT system and business goals can help you construct a roadmap for your IT department going forward.