Marijuana is one of the best drugs in the world. And we love the high we get, so why would we want to stop? Well, drug tests can be a massive hindrance to smoking weed. Some workplace tests for marijuana and common industries that perform these cannabis drug tests are the law, medicine, and sports industries. Typically, these tests can detect whether you’ve had marijuana for days or weeks through saliva tests, hair analysis, and urinalysis. One of the most common questions asked, which is, how do you flush out marijuana out of your system? First, you’ll have to understand how they detect your marijuana activity, and second, we recommend a marijuana detoxification. 

How Do I Pass a Drug Test? 

Stop Smoking Immediately

Although it sounds obvious, once you receive the notice that you will be receiving a drug test, you should stop immediately. The problem is most drug tests are randomized or given within short notice. THC metabolites every seven days, so every week, your THC amount in your body will decrease by 50%. The longer that you have before the drug test, the better your odds of passing. 

Use Detoxification Products 

If you’re in a short time frame, there are great detoxification products available to aid your body in getting rid of harmful toxins in about a week. Typically, these products utilize natural herbal supplements to cleanse your body. Once that is complete, you can take a home drug test to check if the THC in your body is below the urine sample’s requirement. A detox will increase the water you intake to dilute your urine as well as replace the vitamins and creatine that testers look for. 

Take Vitamin B 

To make your urine yellow, taking vitamin B is the easiest way to do so. Take about 50 to 100 mg a few hours before the test. You can easily find them at your local drug store. The best types of vitamin B are vitamin B-2 and B-12. 


Most people think they can get rid of their THC quickly. However, it depends on a few factors such as body weight, amount consumed, and frequency in which consumed. THC is stored in the fatty lipid tissue, meaning it is fat-soluble. And will release THC slowly over time. Those with a higher BMI or higher body fat tend to store THC in their fat cells for a more extended time. It would be best if you aimed to exercise by doing both cardio and strength training to burn fat and increase the muscle mass in your body to improve your BMI. By exercising, you are breaking down fat cells to release the THC metabolites. But do not exercise 24 hours before your drug test because it may cause spikes in THC metabolite levels in your blood. 

Avoid Red Meat and Unhealthy Food 

Salty and Sweet food such as ice cream, fries, donuts, and pizza will cause a slower metabolism and increase water retention in your body. To flush these toxins out of your body, it’s better to drink the right amount of water and refrain from high sugar and sodium foods. Stick to a clean, healthy diet such as lean meat, vegetables, and fruits. 

Drink Lemon Juice and Tea 

Lemon juice and tea have long been excellent forms of detoxing agents. Drink a few cups per day, and you’ll receive the massive benefits of electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants. In turn, this will help your body detox from the THC in your body. 

Final Thoughts 

Getting a notice for a randomized drug test can be very stressful. If you combine all of these tips, you will significantly increase your odds of passing your tests. Make sure to read up on the exact requirements and what the testers are looking for so you know how to pass. Good luck on the test!