Medicinal practices and medical procedures have always been disputed throughout history. As we continue to study and develop medicine, we continue to understand that it’s an extremely tentative field. It’s ever changing and developing as the science and knowledge that we pour into it bolsters its results. Many past practices found in early medicine were thought to be fact. Indisputable solutions to illness and sicknesses. 

Some of these include the use of leeches and mosquitoes to clean out the blood of the patient. Others involved the use of boiled fat, that would be poured on an open wound in order to clean it out. As the wound would become infected the doctor would claim that the fat was pulling out whatever bacteria or damaging substance was in the wound. We know now that these procedures were not academically correct and did more harm than good.

Today, one of the disputed methods of healing is that of Essential Oils. Large amounts of customers and users combined will claim that these oils saved their lives or healed them of a sickness while others promise that they’re a scam or simply a placebo effect. While the world continues to wonder and study the use of these new found remedies, I will write my humble opinion regarding the use and application of these oils.

Medicine containing herbs, spices, and oils have been used for millennia. All over the world, plants were plucked, treated, and used in the creation of medicine to heal various illnesses, weaknesses, or damages. This ranges from ancient Asian residents to those found by Christopher Columbus in the America’s. Although they used different herbs and didn’t treat them in the same way, their lack of communication but resemblance in usage points in the direction that they must have been on to something. 

Today in modern medicine, these same plants have been treated in such a way that the natural oils found in these plants used by medicine men and doctors of old have been concentrated and bottled for sale. If that truly is what these essential oils are, I believe that healing properties found in the earth and other medicines can and are found in these oils as well. 

On top of that, putting research and studies aside, even if these oils simply did operate off of a placebo effect, and provided results, would it not be worth it even if they healed you? One of the top providers of these oils is Young Living. Visit their website and find out for yourself if they work for you!