Raising a healthy teenager in today’s world is not the easiest thing to do. When you take into account all of the problems that kids can get themselves into these days, it’s no wonder why so many are becoming quite troubled. But the fact remains that kids are our future and if we do not invest enough time into ensuring they get their life off to a good start, our society will be in big trouble. We recently spoke with teen life coach Sam Miller from Parenting Teenagers Academy, and he provided us with four simple tips parents can use to help them raise a healthy teenager:

  1. Spend quality time with them

When you spend time with a teen, the encounter is altogether different from when they are hanging out with their mates. To do this effectively, you’ll need to learn how to refrain from judging them based on their likes and dislikes; you should do more of listening to them. “I do allow my teenage daughter to do paintings on my toenails, or watch a movie with her that isn’t my favorite. I even had to develop a temporary passion with her based on her favorite band, so that we could have something to talk about together” says Rebecca Simpson, a mother of two teenage daughters.

  1. The internet should be used with proper supervision

Children are bound to misuse more than they will benefit whenever they are allowed to use the internet without adequate guidance, according to a report that was published by youth.gov. Check out YouTube; for instance, they can provide teens with unrestricted access to adult contents. That is why their activities online have to be strictly monitored. After all, when they begin to grow into their adulthood, they will have more than enough time to explore whatever they want on the internet.

  1. Their opinion is vital regarding a schedule for completing homework

Not all teens are good at taking on their homework immediately after they return from school. Find out what works for your teens regarding homework schedule and stick with that. The plan should be a fixed routine that can be conveniently followed on a regular basis. Write down whatever you guys agree on and stick it somewhere. 

According to many youth speakers, smart teens are mostly fond of trying to take advantage of parents who have memory issues by not adhering to their homework schedules. The homework is for your teen, and not you. So desist from trying to tell them how they can manage their time in the process.

  1. It’s okay for them to have a go at dinner

Teens love to get involved in domestic activities much more than you know it. For instance, get them to be in charge of the family dinner every once in a while. It doesn’t only give them a sense of belonging, but it also makes them feel more important in the family strata. Give them the privilege of putting the shopping list together, or you could do it with them. And if the meal does not come out the way you prefer it, desist from directly criticizing their actions, and instead give them some words of encouragement.