6 Easy Projects to Help Give Your Bedroom an Instant Refresh

If you’re not happy with how your bedroom looks or simply need a change of scenery, there are a few easy projects you can complete to give your bedroom a refreshing new look.

1- Choose a New Paint Color

Every bedroom can use a fresh coat of paint to enhance the way it looks. Pick a color that you love, and then take an afternoon to paint your bedroom.

You may also want to paint the trim around your doors and floors while you’re at it as these areas can get scuffed by everyday vacuuming.

2- Refresh Nightstands and Lamps

Changing out your nightstands and lamps for different styles can give your bedroom a whole new look.

You don’t have to go with something trendy. You can purchase nightstands and lamps that match your style.

When you are purchasing lamps, keep in mind the level of lighting you would like in your room. Different lamps and how they’re situated can provide different levels of lighting.

When looking for nightstands, you’ll want to make sure they’re the correct height for your bed. Taking measurements of the height of your bed beforehand can help you when you go to pick out new nightstands.

3- Update Your Bedding

If it’s been a while since you’ve purchased new sheets and comforters for your bed, it might be time to refresh your bedroom by buying new bedding.

If you’re not ready to spring for new bedding, even purchasing new styles of pillows that match your current bedding can help update the look of your bedroom.

4- Install Gorgeous Floating Shelves

Installing floating shelving in your bedroom is something that is extremely easy to do and can change the entire look of the room.

There are many uses for floating shelves. They can be used to store books or knick-knacks. They are also great at helping to display the photos that are important to you. There is a wide range of beautiful floating shelves on the market that can really enhance your room.

5- Light Up Your Room

Installing battery-powered wall sconces in your bedroom can really take the area to the next level. New lighting can refresh a room, and it gives it a completely new ambiance.

Wall sconces are not difficult to install; it is a project that can be completed in an afternoon. There are many different styles of sconces to choose from, so make sure you pick ones that fit your style.

6- Freshen Up Your Furniture

If you have a dresser or other piece of furniture that is the focal point in your bedroom, giving that item a makeover with a fresh shade of furniture paint can dramatically change the look of your bedroom.

Perhaps you have an old dresser that needs repainting. Would you be willing to give it a fresh coat of a bright shade of paint to liven up your bedroom? This is a project that would also only take an afternoon or day to accomplish. You may even choose new hardware, such as door pulls, to install on the dresser after you are finished painting it. The same can be done with makeup vanities and other pieces of furniture within your bedroom.