8 Affordable Activities to Try for a Fun Moms' Night Out

Being a mom is joyful, but if we’re being honest, it’s no walk in the park. Moms have to fix everyone’s breakfast, drop the kiddos off at school or daycare, tackle household chores, cook dinner, and spend quality time with the family. So, if there’s a group of people who could occasionally use a break from life, it’s moms.

If you’re one, a good night out with your girls can do wonders for your mental health. Here are eight affordable activities for a fun moms’ night out to ensure yours turns out epic.

1. Throw a Wine Party

When was the last time you had a glass of wine? Can’t remember? Then it has been too long. Moms on your level are probably in the same boat, so hosting a wine party is great for your night out.

Transform your backyard into a venue, set up a table with a few bottles of your favorite wines, and invite fellow mamas to bring different bottles of wine. Together, you can explore new flavors as you catch up. It’ll not only be a relaxing and enjoyable experience but also an affordable one. Alternatively, you may head out to a wine-tasting event to break out of your homes for a while.

2. Book a Spa Date

After days of selflessly caring for everyone, moms need care, too. Nothing offers that better than a spa date. Spa treatments such as massages, facials, and hydrotherapy aren’t only soothing; they let you press pause on daily life stressors as you bond on mommy things. Having them at night just further elevates the experience. So, consider booking yourselves a mom’s out spa date on your next outing.

3. Have a Sleepover

Nothing offers affordable respite like a sleepover with your mom besties after a day or week of picking up after your kid(s). With no time constraints and your “responsibilities asleep,” you can indulge in unhurried conversations, laughter, activities, and perhaps a bottle of wine, creating memories you’ll cherish forever. Rocking matching PJs will further enhance relaxation mode.

4. Head to Karaoke

If you love music, karaoke is a golden opportunity for you and your fellow moms to ditch your responsibilities temporarily and, for a few hours, make merry and sing your hearts out.

5. Sign Up for an Escape Room Experience

Can’t remember the last time you indulged in any fun activities that didn’t involve kids? Sign yourselves up for an escape room experience. It’s a chance for an immersive adventure. Plus escape room activities put your problem-solving and teamwork skills to the test, strengthening your bonds.

6. Sip and Paint

A sip and paint is an opportunity to unleash your artistic expression without being judged (so, don’t worry if you’re no Picasso) as you catch up with fellow mommies. Plus, you can bring your wine! Book one on a Friday or Saturday night to unwind after a week of doing mommy things.

7. Have a Movie Date

So your minions took over the TV remote and won’t let you watch anything other than kid-friendly shows?’ Gather your fellow moms for a movie date. It’s not just affordable but also an opportunity to reclaim a slice of your personal time while silently bonding with your besties. So, for your next mom’s night out, book a movie date, grab the popcorn, sink into the comfortable seats, and indulge in your favorite films.

8. Dine Out

When did you last do your makeup, rock on your favorite dress, and have a fine night out with the girls? If you have to scratch your head to remember, then it has been way too long. So, make reservations for you and your fellow mommies at the finest restaurant in town, rock your finest outfits, and head out for some fine dining and girl banter.

Moms get it hard daily. A couple of nights out with fellow moms will allow you to press pause on the mommy button for a while. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank. Simply try the affordable stuff like the mom’s night out ideas above to nurture yourselves, and your friendships without the added stress of high costs.