5 Common Fencing Problems and How to Repair Them

A fence can be seen as a source of protection and privacy for the property if well-maintained. Similarly, if fences are poorly-maintained, privacy is deprived and they are likely to be exposed to external elements such as pests and harsh weather conditions just name but a few.

All you need to do is pay keen attention to this article to understand the various common fencing problems and each one of them can be repaired.

1.    Warping Fence Posts

When wood is exposed to factors such as harsh weather conditions and pests, it becomes twisted or warped. This problem normally arises when the fence is not buried deep into the ground.

When installing a new set of fences, ensure that they are at least 6 inches deep into the ground. In addition, you can consider setting them in the concrete at least 18 inches deep. Lastly, warping can be avoided by purchasing treated lumber. This ensures that rainwater does not wreak havoc on the posts.

2.    Broken Fence Boards

Fencing is a way of maintaining the privacy of your property. However, broken fences can expose your property to damage. For this reason, broken fences should be repaired without any sort of delay or hesitation.

Consider using wood filler. It is important to ensure that the wood filler matches the color of the wood. Then scale down any rough patches to make them smooth. Lastly, you can opt for painting. Apply two coats of exterior paint (latex) which offer protection against weathering and moisture damage.

3.    Sunken Fence Posts

Just in case you have sunken posts, bear in mind that they have been exposed to the elements for a very long time. And as a result, these posts may not be easy to repair. But worry no more.

Among the repair methods include using concrete. Pour concrete around the base of the sunken posts, and this is usually done if the soil around the fence is rocky or sandy. Another option is to add gravel where equal amounts of gravel are added around the base of each post.

4.    Cracked Fencing Posts

Cracking is most common in a wooden fence. So, if you haven’t yet experienced this and you are not taking reasonable care of your fence, be sure to suffer one. Cracked posts can be challenging and frustrating to handle.

Repairing this type of problem requires determining whether fixing is necessary or not. You can as well consider painting over them.

5.    Rotting Fence Boards

The contributing factor to rotting fence boards is moisture damage. So handling this type of problem is not a bulk task as you may imagine.

To repair rotting fence boards, consider using cedar because cedar contains natural resin. This helps in the prevention of decay in the woods. You can also replace the damaged boards with new ones or opt for composite boards or stained wood.

There has never been an easy way to prevent any potential damage than regular inspections. The inspection helps in spotting potential and already existing small problems before they translate into major ones. You’ll be able to know how to handle and manage the problems and through this, repair becomes an easy task.