5 Crucial Problems with Trying to Clear Land Yourself

Clearing land is a complex and challenging process. There are many factors to consider when deciding how best to clear your property. These include the type of vegetation you want or need for your property, the size of your lot, what equipment you have access to, etc. Discussed below are five crucial problems with trying to clear land yourself.

1. You May Be Breaking the Law

Whether clearing land for recreational or agricultural purposes, unpermitted clearing can lead to fines. If you clear your property without the proper permits, equipment, and experience, it is possible that your land could be left sufficiently altered to violate local ordinances. This opens you up to fines that could seriously affect your finances, as well as your property value.

2. It’s Time-Consuming

When you try to clear land yourself, you are responsible for all aspects of the process, including getting approvals (if required), acquiring equipment and supplies (including fuel if machinery is involved), and hiring a contractor whose skills, equipment, and availability match your project. You’ll also have to deal with any unexpected problems that arise while the project is underway.

There’s a reason why professionals exist: they do all this for a living. They know how to clear land quickly and efficiently. If you consider the amount of money that you’ll be saving by hiring a professional to clear your land, it’s quite a bargain – and one that is worthwhile.

3. There Is a Risk of Injuries

Clearing land, especially on larger projects, can be dangerous. You should never assume that you know everything about what you are getting into, how to do it safely, and what you are liable for if an injury occurs. Clearing land is a physically demanding job that can cause back injuries, poison ivy exposure, snake bites, dehydration, heat exhaustion, insect bites/stings, sunburns, blisters, cuts and scrapes, eye damage from spraying vegetation, and more. Cuts and scrapes can easily become infected, too.

4. Quality of Work May Be Inferior

If you try to clear the land yourself, the quality of your clearing work may suffer for various reasons. These include lack of experience with proper equipment/supplies, lack of local knowledge about clearing land, and lack of time to complete the project properly. As a result, you may end up clearing an area that is not adequate for your property’s needs or one that does not comply with local ordinances.

5. You Could Lose Money

If you hire a professional for clearing your property, there’s a good chance that you’ll make up for it in cost savings and efficiency. If you try to do it yourself, you could lose your shirt.

In the long run, if you have to put in extra time and effort to prevent problems from arising after the work is done, then clearing land might not be such a great deal for you. For example, you could end up spending extra time and money to re-plant vegetation or protect the land from erosion.

The best way to ensure that your land clearing project is successful and worthwhile is to hire professionals who know how to get the job done right on time and within budget. You (and your wallet) will be glad that you did.