3 Ideas for Improving Your Neighborhood's Playground on a Budget

All parents know that kids will find a way to entertain themselves. The neighborhood playground is often a major meeting place for kids to play with others, using up some of their infinite energy supply on the swings, jungle gym, and other climbing equipment. Every playground has the potential to be upgraded into a more interesting place for children and families to be entertained. Check out these three budget-friendly improvements your neighborhood could utilize now.

1- Utilize the Children’s Creativity

Use some of the neighborhood’s boundless energy to paint over the trash cans or benches. This is an easy and inexpensive way to revitalize what’s already there while giving kids a deep connection to the playground. They can draw their favorite flowers or animals and practice their handwriting. Decorating trash and recycling cans will also encourage kids to use them regularly rather than littering.

The neighborhood can also plan days where families can plant flowers and trees around the playground or in a nearby open area. This idea improves the image of the playground while keeping the children interested and entertained. Planting trees often require city permits, but many flowerbeds and gardens can be started and maintained easily by the community.

2- Add Furniture and Leisure Spots

Many playgrounds can benefit from adding new furniture and leisure spots for parents and kids to appreciate. Picnic tables, benches, umbrellas, and even grills can be added to a playground so the whole family can enjoy being there for a day. Depending on the outdoor furniture that best suits your community’s needs, you can add message boards and special trash areas for pet waste.

A playground should be a leisurely area where the whole family can relax and lounge under the sun. Many playgrounds and parks don’t have enough seats, forcing families to either stand or sit in the grass that can be damp from rain or uncomfortable. More seating and activities for families to enjoy will keep the entire family active for longer during the day, which builds healthy habits and a connection to the community.

3- Bring Learning to the Playground

The playground is one of the only places outside of school where kids consistently gather. Adding a few free libraries is a great way to get kids reading while clearing out some shelves at home. Free libraries require minimal resources and can be built or fashioned out of a number of materials from your garage. Kids can then have the opportunity to grab a book or two and bring some from their own shelves, bolstering their dedication to their community.

You can even organize events at the playground from movies under the stars to performances put on by locals. Families can be given the opportunity to connect more deeply with their neighbors while sharing new and exciting experiences with their kids. Every playground can benefit from using a nearby empty field or space that can be revamped to provide value to the community.

Your neighborhood playground may no longer meet the community’s needs or could just benefit from new and exciting features. Don’t worry about breaking your budget when there are many options available from new furniture to flower gardens that are effective and inexpensive. Start your plans to revitalize your local playground now.