4 Innovative Ways to Use Bunting to Decorate for the Holidays

Are you bored with your holiday decorations? You may find that you need something different this year. Bunting is an affordable decoration that can make your home feel a little more festive. Also, there’s something traditional about decorating your home with bunting.

Bunting isn’t reserved just for patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. There are even festive Christmas versions that you can use in the holiday season. Bunting has always been used in unique and fun ways. It’s an underrated decor that you should incorporate into your home. You just have to open your mind and use your creativity.

There are many ways to use bunting to decorate for the holidays. It takes more than just throwing it up on the wall or awning of your home. Here are some innovative ways to add style with a row of bunting. This guide has everything you need to make use of that Christmas bunting you bought and are unsure of how to use around your house.

1. Stair Bunting

It’s easy to hang bunting along your stairway. You might want to use more than one to guide your guests up the stairs to their guest room. It’s also the perfect way to greet them into your home. You can decorate your stairs with Christmas bunting, garland, tinsel, and lights. Choose one or two of these elements. It’ll elevate your home with just a few materials and very little work involved.

2. Doorway Bunting

Of course, you can always decorate your doorway with bunting. You shouldn’t just throw it up there and call it a day. Instead, you can take it to another level with some lights or garland. The key is to wrap another fabric to add some texture, such as lace or pine garland. Finish off the look with twinkling lights.

3. Decorate Your Backyard

If you live in a warm climate, you might want to decorate your backyard for the holiday season. Take your holiday party outside this Christmas season. Decorate your gazebo or the banister of your deck. You could also hang it above windows or exterior doorways for an added festive flair.

You can even wrap bunting around your picnic table with some festive tabletop decor. Why keep all the Christmas decorations inside your house? You can make your backyard feel just as festive without the traditional Christmas lights and blow-up decorations.

4. Window Display

Another idea is to use bunting for a window display. You may want to add flameless pillar candles or a wreath. Or, maybe you can use recycled material to wrap around your bunting. This adds some element of interest to your home and brings something festive to the passersby.

These are just some of the innovative ways you can use bunting to decorate your home for the holidays. You’ll find that there are more uses for this decor than you ever imagined. This guide should give you some ideas for elevating your home. It’s an affordable option for other types of Christmas decor.