As fall approaches and the weather cools enough to fully use the patio during the day, it’s time to consider what sort of events and gatherings you want to hold. With a variety of holidays and events for inspiration, you could hold a Halloween or harvest celebration and dress up with friends and family members to welcome the coming winter. The options are endless and present unlimited fun for the taking. Here are a few patio party ideas to consider as you plan your backyard festivities.

1- Decorate Fully and On Theme

Decorations can change a boring afternoon on a patio standing around with drinks into a festive night under twinkling lights enjoying the moon and the stars. Don’t be shy with the candles, balloons, pillows, and other decorations that can bring home the theme and entertain the adults and kids. Comfortable and interesting decorations that can be used while sitting or standing are ideal in drawing the theme into the conversation. Fall is a great time to get spooky with ghosts and spiderwebs or break out the pumpkins and cornucopias. No matter the theme, decorate fully around the patio area.

2- Create Fun Drinks

Creating a fun signature drink for the night will better memorialize it in guests’ minds and amplify the theme. With fun glasses and additives like fruits and candies, adults can spice up their evening choice of wine or water with something refreshing and delicious. There are so many creative and amazing flavor combinations to choose from, and it can be fun to experiment and have different options.

3- Break Out the Yard Games

Grabbing the bean bag boards or unrolling the volleyball net can provide entertainment for guests while they’re waiting for food to finish up. Jumping around and laughing together makes the evening more entertaining and allows everyone from kids to adults to work up an appetite.

4- Grab your Chef’s Hat

The food can make or break an event, and it’s important you know your guests’ tastes and provide a range of food for every picky eater. Using the BBQ or smoker can fill the air with the scents of delicious food and impress guests with the many spices. Eating delicious food together is a great way to bond and laugh as friends and family.

5- Crank Up the Tunes

Choosing the music helps to amplify the tone of the party and provide a conversation starter. From haunted playlists to light, classical ones, music can minimize any lulls in conversation and give kids something to dance to. Preparing songs ahead of time will help to cut out any that you don’t want playing including those with adult themes or songs that don’t match the tone of the evening.

6- Design a To-Go Gift

As the evening winds down and guests begin to say their goodbyes, a departing gift is a cute way to help them remember the evening with a token of thanks or leftovers. Goodie bags can include little cups or candles, treats for the ride home, or other memorabilia that pulls together the great success of the afternoon. A goodie bag should provoke a happy feeling from the guest and allow them to have a keepsake of the fun evening they spent at your patio party.