More than 40 Serbian Firefighters Dispatched to Macedonia

August 11, 2016, Thursday @ 08:59 in Politics » DOMESTIC | Views: 184
More than 40 Serbian Firefighters Dispatched to Macedonia Floods in Macedonia Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

Assistant Chief of Serbia's Emergency Situations Sector Boban Stefanovic has announced that 43 Serbian firefighters have been sent to Macedonia, B92 reports. 

Their task is to help local residents in the wake of deadly flash flooding in Serbia's southern neighbor over the weekend.

Firefighters have been sent from the towns of Nis, Kragujevac, Belgrade, Krusevac, and Jagodina, in line with Macedonia's request for assistance, Stevanovic explained. Serbia has also sent 30 water pumps and 13 fire-rescue trucks in order to help remove water from buildings. 

The MUP official said that Macedonia suffered enormous damage affecting roads and homes, and worst of all, with the loss of life - the death toll on Tuesday reached 22. 

The Serbian firefighters will stay in Macedonia from seven to ten days, and if need be longer, Stevanovic said, noting that the situation is being monitored on a daily basis. 

He also said that "cooperation in the field is excellent, Bulgarian rescue teams are there." 

Stevanovic noted that this was not the first time that Serbian rescuers are being sent to other countries, and mentioned Greece, the Serb Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia in this context - just as help had arrived from these countries when Serbia needed it. 

Since 2015, Serbia has been a member of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, this official said, and the country is under obligation to help its neighbors in case of floods or fires.



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