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Ranking high in Google search engine results pages (SERPs) is very important for a plastic surgeon. When potential patients search for relevant topics on Google, you want them to find your site (or another aspect of your web presence) consistently. Per a recent Forbes article, less than one percent of users will even visit the second page of a SERP.

If you’re a plastic surgeon whose current Google rankings leave much to be desired, there are steps you can take to address the issue and get more eyes on your site. They are:

Include More Visual Content

Many factors can influence a page’s ranking in SERPs. Engagement is one such factor. When users spend time on a page and engage with its content, they signal to Google (or any other search engine they’re using) that the content of said page offers value. Thus, Google’s algorithm may be more likely to prioritize that content when users perform relevant searches.

Including visual content among your text is one way to boost engagement with your site as a plastic surgeon. According to another Forbes piece, video content in particular generates strong levels of engagement.

Prioritize Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves improving various elements of your online presence to improve rankings. Local SEO is a subset of SEO that focuses on improving rankings when users in a certain region perform relevant searches.

As a plastic surgeon, you can typically only serve patients who live near you. Tailor your SEO strategy accordingly to ensure the users who find your site are users who can actually become patients! You may also partner with experts offering plastic surgeon SEO services to develop a strategy.

Solicit Reviews

Don’t be afraid to ask patients to leave reviews on various web platforms. Positive reviews can play a major role in SERP rankings.

Ensure Your Site is Optimized for Mobile

Mobile browsing is becoming more popular than desktop browsing. Because site functionality is a vital factor in Google rankings, confirm both the desktop and mobile versions of your site perform reliably.

Offer Content

Offering valuable content to potential patients involves answering the types of questions they may have. You can do so through a blog, vlog, podcast, or other such means. Providing users with genuinely helpful content is among the top ways to improve rankings.

Repurpose Content

Generating content is easier when you transform a single piece of content into multiple pieces. For example, you could take the information in a blog and also present it in the form of a vlog, podcast, and infographic.

Link to Other Pages

Within your website’s content, find opportunities to link to other pages on your website. Doing so may get more eyes on these pages. The more viewers a page has, the more a search engine’s algorithm may prioritize that page in SERPs.

Get Links from Other Sites

Link building is another helpful SEO tactic for plastic surgeons. When other sites link to yours, Google’s algorithm interprets this as an indication that your site’s content is authoritative and valuable.

Find sites accepting guest contributions from professionals like yourself. Submitting guest pieces to other sites with links back to your own is often an effective link building strategy.

Emphasize Security

Website security doesn’t just play a substantial role in SERPs rankings—it can also have a positive impact on patient trust. Ensure your site is secure, particularly if you collect patient information through it.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

A quality user experience may improve Google rankings. Find ways to simplify navigation of your site without sacrificing quality content. Navigating your site should be an intuitive process.

A Reminder: Improving Rankings Takes Time

Applying these tips can help virtually any plastic surgeon improve their overall web presence. That said, it’s important to remember that boosting Google rankings takes time. If you apply these recommendations consistently, you’ll eventually find that doing so yields measurable rewards for your practice.

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