The trucking industry keeps dozens of other industries moving. To keep trucking companies, drivers and the companies that they serve safe, cybersecurity plays a major role. It is even more important today now that the trucking industry relies so heavily on interconnected systems and technology. Knowing why cybersecurity is so vital in the trucking industry will help you see why it has become such a priority.

Operational Safety

Advanced technology systems are common in modern trucks. This includes things like autonomous features and telematics. If an attack affects these systems, it could put the driver and anyone else near them on the road in danger.

Data Protection

Vast amounts of data are a daily thing in the trucking industry. This industry deals with route information, cargo details, vehicle diagnostics and customer data just to run their daily operations. This information is sensitive, so any breach in security could cause major disruptions.

Cargo Security

Valuable cargo is a common item of transport for trucking companies. Even something that seems simple like printer paper can be worth thousands when shipping bulk amounts. Cybercriminals can access information related to shipments without the proper cybersecurity measures. This could result in sabotage or theft, both of which can be very costly.

Fleet Management

In today’s trucking industry, technology is used to manage fleets. Companies use technology to do things like monitor truck performance, optimize routes and even ensure regulation compliance. If a cyber attack affects this process, the end result could be financial losses and significant delays in shipments.

Financial Implications

Significant financial losses can occur as a result of cyber attacks. Issues like ransom payments, theft and legal costs are all implications of such an attack. You also have to consider the damage done to the reputation of the company. Investing in cybersecurity is the first step in mitigating the risks so that trucking companies can protect their financial well-being.

Regulatory Compliance

There are numerous regulations that the trucking industry has to follow when it comes to things like security and privacy. For example, in the US, there is a mandate regarding the Electronic Logging Device. If a company is not staying within these regulations, this could result in legal consequences and penalties.

Third-Party Risks

Trucking companies often rely on a variety of third-party partners and vendors as part of their business. Every company that is collaborating with one another needs to ensure that they all have adequate cybersecurity strategies. This is because a vulnerability for just one can cause harm to all companies involved.

IoT Device Vulnerabilities

Many trucking companies are using the Internet of Things (IoT) in their vehicles. These devices can be integrated into trucks to provide instant communication and real-time monitoring. These devices can be a point of vulnerability for cyber criminals, so it is crucial to implement cybersecurity measures to keep them properly secured so that you do not compromise the network.

As the trucking industry continues to rely on data and technology, cybersecurity will become even more important. Even a small cyber attack could have far-reaching consequences for numerous companies, so keeping information safe is crucial.