Why 2021 is the Perfect Year to Start a Mail Order Shaving Club Business

There’s never been a better time to start a business than right now, but 2021 will be a special year for new business owners. Going into 2021, businesses will need to have an online presence in order to thrive.

Of all the online businesses you could start, an online shaving subscription business is one of the best options. With the coronavirus pandemic driving thousands of businesses to close, personal services, like barber shops, are largely unavailable. Even in areas that aren’t experiencing business closures, many barbershops had to close their doors for good during the original round of closures. This means millions of people are on their own for haircuts and shaves.

An online razor subscription service meets an urgent need

Most people would consider shaving essential for personal hygiene, but the government doesn’t feel that way about barbershops. During business closures, the unavailability of barbershops makes shaving a DIY job for everyone. This widens the market for shaving supplies to include literally everyone who shaves. That’s a lot of people.

Even though millions of people have been laid off from their jobs, they’ll still need to buy essential items like shaving supplies. This applies now and during any future shutdowns. All the men who usually get their beards shaved by their local barber will need to start shaving at home, and if they’re used to a barber’s shave, they’re not going to settle for cheap disposable razors. And once they learn to give themselves the same great shave, they’ll probably keep shaving at home.

That’s exactly why launching a shaving subscription business will be profitable long-term.

2021 and beyond is the time for shaving subscription services to thrive

If you think the market is saturated with shaving subscription services, think again. Although there are plenty of existing razor subscription services like Dollar Shave, Shave.net, Billie, Harry’s, and Bevel, there’s always room for more. If you can fill a niche in the shaving industry, you won’t have much competition.

Find a shaving niche

Despite existing competition, you don’t have to invent some crazy contraption like a rolling razor that you wear like a ring. You should probably be aware that the rolling razor, along with other razor contraptions from the 2000s, completely flopped. There’s no need for complicating the shaving market with a gadget. You can target niche markets while selling standard, regular razors.

A good quality razor is a good quality razor. Determining who will buy your product is all in your marketing. For example, shave.net targets men who want the same close shaves their grandparents got. The homepage image features a man shaving with an ax, and the caption reads: “shave like a real man.” However, the company also sells cartridge razors for those who aren’t ready to try classic wet shaving with a safety razor.

On the opposite end of the shaving spectrum is Billie. Billie targets women who are tired of paying “the pink tax” for razors and they also sell beauty products without the harsh chemicals.

A razor is a razor, but marketing holds the key to success

What’s the difference between the cartridge razors sold on these and other shaving subscription websites? The color, the shape of the handle, the materials (plastic, metal, plant-based fibers, etc.), and perhaps the way the cartridges detach from the razor handle. Other than that, cartridge razors from both companies are made of the same type of simple razor blade wrapped in wire.

What’s the difference between razor companies? It’s all in their marketing. Each company has developed a standard razor product and has found a niche market. You can do the same. You can also use online resources like title loans to help cover the upfront cost of marketing and promoting your online service!

Tips for starting a razor subscription service

To help you get started with your online razor business, here are some quick tips specific to the shaving industry.

1. Target multiple niches

Once you have a product, repackage it and market it to multiple niches as completely different services. If one does better than the other, go with the one with the highest market response.

2. Limit accessories

Sell shaving accessories, but limit other accessories to the basics like wipes and body wash.

3. Allow full customization

Let people choose from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscription services. They might just want your wipes delivered weekly, but razors delivered monthly.

4. Be as eco-friendly as possible

Consumers want eco-friendly products. Try to make your razors and accessories as eco-friendly as possible. At the very least, use minimal or recyclable packaging.

5. Have fun

There’s no sense in running a business unless you enjoy it. So, have fun with your shaving subscription business!