Group of little preschool kids drawing

Are you an elementary teacher looking to elevate your students’ experience? Then you need to have a classroom that is stocked up with all the essentials.

It doesn’t matter what time of the school year it is, there are always going to be students who will need something to get through a lesson or to complete an assignment — a pencil, paper, glue, etc. Some may have run out of the supplies they bought at the beginning of the year. Others may have left them at home or maybe never had them to begin with.

Regardless of the reason, no student should feel left out because they are not prepared for class. Allow every student to learn and grow by giving them access to what they need, as they need it.

Stock up on these nine school supplies for your elementary classroom.

1. Pencils

Pencils are an essential tool for learning. Whether solving math problems or practicing writing skills, pencils are a must-have in the classroom. Step beyond the yellow No. 2 pencil and spice things up a bit with mechanical pencils. And, as everyday use or rewards, have a supply of those with fun characters or designs.

2. Erasers

What good are pencils without erasers? As they are learning, students should always have the opportunity to start over. Even though most come with an eraser attached, we all know that they never last as long as the pencil itself. Stock up on erasers that are exciting and colorful.

3.  Paper

Paper is the drawing board for learning and it will be used for many things throughout the day. Because of this high frequency, kids can run out of it in no time. Always have extra paper available in your classroom for when it is needed.

4. Crayons

Crayons make the world colorful. In elementary school, they can be used in many different ways, both in art projects or assignments. Ditch the broken fragments and supply your students with crayons they can easily grip onto and use.

5. Glue

Learning to cut and paste is a very common task for students as they make their way through elementary school. Projects, assignments, and holiday fun all require the use of either traditional glue or glue sticks. Stock up.

6. Scissors

If you are going to use glue, there is a good chance your students are going to need scissors, too. Having a few extra pairs available to students can ensure they will always be able to partake in the activity. Just be sure to base your selection on the age group so that everyone remains safe.

7. Pens

As kids get older, they will move from using pencils all the time in the classroom to using pens. And, as a teacher, you will use them, too. You will want to stock up on different color pens because even though you think you have enough — you may be surprised at how quickly they disappear.

8. Markers

Just as crayons are great for adding color, so are markers. They are also commonly used in projects, arts and crafts, and in completing some assignments. Teachers commonly use them for grading, as well.

9. Folders

Finally, folders help to keep stuff organized. They work well when communicating with parents, sending home correspondence, school work that needs to be done, and papers that have already been graded. These can get worn down with use so having some on hand is always a good idea.

Taking the extra step to stock up on supplies for your elementary classroom can ensure that the days will go smoothly and that no child will feel left out.

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