For the most part, dirt bikes are fairly well-equipped for off-road racing. That being said, there are some occasions in which your dirt bike may not be able to handle the trail or terrain it is riding in, which can either result in your bike being damaged in the process or you sustaining an injury while riding. It is much better to come prepared than to find yourself in an accident and unable to enjoy yourself for the rest of the day. For those who are considering testing out their dirt bike in an off-racing situation, here are the top five accessories you will need in order to do it safely and efficiently.

Skid plates

If you’re an individual who tends to ride your dirt bike in areas where the terrain is relatively smooth, you don’t run the risk of causing too much damage to your bike while driving around. However, those who do ride in rough terrains are often faced with obstacles such as large logs, jagged rocks, or dangerous pieces of trash. These dangerous objects have the potential to tear up your bike or put it out of commission entirely until you are able to get it repaired. With a skid plate, you can protect the vulnerable underside of your bike from any potential dangers while you are riding your bike off-road.

Hand guards

The underside of your bike isn’t the only area susceptible to damage. Your hands and the controls located around them can easily be injured and damage if you are driving in a forest terrain and happen to run into thick tree branches, or if you fall over and run your hand as well as the side of your bike directly into the ground. Hand guards help to protect these sensitive areas in the event of any damage.

Make sure to invest in quality materials from established and reliable companies such as Acerbis so that you know that your gear will hold up against any tough off-road racing challenge.

Steering stabilizer

Have you ever tried riding a bicycle on a hill or an uneven surface? If you have, you know how hard it can be to get a smooth ride and how much harder it is to control your movements. Dirt biking is a much more intense experience, and trying to maintain control over your steering as you race through rough terrains at high speeds can result in accidents. A steering stabilizer will make sure your steering is much smoother so that you don’t have to worry about losing control and getting in a crash.

Heavy-duty clothing and protection

In the event of a crash, it is important to wear the proper clothing so that you can protect your body against the impact and any dangerous parts of the terrain. This means wearing gear such as leather gloves, elbow and knee pads, neck braces, body armor, a full face helmet and goggles, boots, and special dirt bike jeans and shirts. If you think it’s a waste of time to take these protective measures, always remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hydration pack

Although this product isn’t intended for immediate safety, having a hydration pack while racing off-road will give you an advantage. You won’t have to stop to take water breaks and can continue to remain hydrated as you sweat while riding. In addition, these packs generally have room for useful tools and other things that you may need during a ride.

Consider investing in these essential items to protect yourself while riding and enhance your overall riding experience.