The US is quite an advanced country which leads to issues that many countries might not have. While other countries are worried about their GDP or crops the US has enough security that addiction is rampant. Addiction impacts every part of the social ladder with both rich and poor people being susceptible to substance abuse. Below will outline a few health epidemics in the US that you may or may not have known about.

Opioid Addiction

The opioid addiction epidemic is one of the most widespread issues impacting the country at this time. Far too many doctors were prescribing these powerful narcotics for what seems like every ache or pain. These “miracle” drugs as the companies that produced them named them had such a high probability of addiction it started a plague in the US. Many people that were given these pills after an injury or surgery had a hard time with their detox with some of them turning to heroin as it was more affordable. It could take decades before the last signs of the opioid epidemic are finally eradicated with families being changed forever.


Finding a vaping lawyer in Mississippi or your location should not be very difficult. The vaping companies made claims that simply were not true with many now thinking cigarettes were the safe alternative to vaping. People do not know the impacts of vaping for decades as this form of smoking has not been around that long. The best thing a person can do is stop smoking completely as cigarettes have their known risks while vaping is a wildcard at this point. Stopping smoking is the only way to avoid the potential harm from both types of smoking.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is common among those in college but a lot of recent grads did not stop the party when college was over. This has led to people drinking immense amounts on a weekly basis as with a job this is more than possible. Take the time to look at your drinking habits or the habits of your friends to find a way to cut down the volume of drinking. This does not mean that people cannot have fun but throwing up from drinking weekly needs to stop.

Designer Drug Problems

There always seems to be a new drug on the market whether it is a new type of bath salts or something like K2 or spice. These new drugs are always far more dangerous than others due to their unpredictability. This does not mean that drugs that have been around a long time like that of cocaine are ever safe. The only positive is that most people know what pure cocaine will do to them unlike what K2 might do. These drugs will continue to be developed to stay legal with the government being a step behind. Do not try these or any drugs as you never know what it could be cut with or if it could contain something that could kill you.

 As you can see there are plenty of health risks throughout the US with no indication of slowing down. Take the time to research how to avoid risky behaviors as not all are going to be as apparent as those listed above.

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