If you are a business owner and you are looking around at your staff right now, what exactly do you see. Do you see a bunch of people who are smiling and laughing and enjoying being at work, or are you seeing the faces of discontent and stress. Many bosses fail to take into consideration how their staff are really feeling and this is crucial because it really does affect output and therefore profits. All workers want to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to the office and if they are not, then whose fault is that. We all want our staff to be more productive everyday and so creating a stress free work environment where they can do what you’re paying them to do, should be your end goal.

I suppose to increase your staff’s motivational levels to a point where they have never been before, you could look into how to charter a yacht to the Similan Islands or you could try something a little bit simpler. There are many things that you and your management team can do in order to create a healthier workplace for your employees. Some of the things don’t require a great deal of effort and they won’t impact anyone’s life unnecessarily. If you are still searching for some ideas to improve the workplace, then maybe the following can help.

* Talk to your staff – As a business owner or a manager, you need to be an excellent communicator who is good at listening and instructing. It is important that you keep all of your emotions in check and that you consider the feelings of other people who work within your business. If you’re a poor communicator then you can make many situations much worse than they already are and it might lead to confusion in the workplace. This confusion leads to high stress levels and your workforce begins to suffer. It is important that your message is clear and that you speak with the right tone. If an employee makes a mistake, don’t just start shouting at them and making them feel small, try to explain what it is that they have done wrong and encourage them not to do it again. This way, they don’t ring in sick the next day because you shouted at them.

* Provide an organised work environment – Managed backup improves business processes, but in order for your staff to be able to do their jobs properly, they need to be working in an office that isn’t chaotic and isn’t cluttered with paperwork and office equipment. You need to make sure that all workstations are clean, tidy and organised. Everyone knows that are clean and organised work place leads to less stress and more productive staff. It is important that your staff are free to move freely around the office so that they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. To learn how stress affects your workers, have a look here.

Having a stress free work environment can provide your employees of the place that they really enjoy coming to, and as the saying goes, happy staff are more productive staff.