In a world where most businesses are online, it has never been more important to have your data backed up regularly. On a day to day basis, some businesses are bringing in huge amounts of data that if lost could have a lasting effect on the future of their business.  

Unfortunately, things do happen, data does get lost due to a server corruption or maybe unwanted attention. This is why it’s important to back your data up regularly through managed backups. 

What Are Managed Backups

Depending on the type of company you are, there are a variety of different managed backup solutions, to match your business needs. The basis of all these solutions is to make sure you have a system in place that implements backups as well as looks after them and keeps them separate from a backup solution you may already have. 

As a small to medium business, you may opt to look for a service provider as this can be more cost-effective than having it done in house. With managed backups, you can not only look after your cloud software, but also software that is kept in-house and offline. Backups will be taken daily, weekly and monthly in order to make sure the backups are kept up to date with the most recent data. 

Why Managed Backup Is So Important 

In the world of today, online disasters do occur with online cybercriminals trying to get access to all your data and ruin it. Plus the unexpected can occur and natural disasters can cause your data to go corrupt as well. 

By having a managed backup you can feel rest assured that you have the highest levels of security on your data backups, making it less likely to be targeted. If you lose or a file becomes corrupt, you can feel assured that you can instantly restore the file and have it up and running within a few minutes. 

Plus, you know that your back-ups are being looked after by another company who will have 24/7 support and send you regular updates. Therefore, a managed backup will be a big part of your disaster recovery plan should something major happen. 

Overall, there are many benefits to having a managed backup system in place. However, one key benefit is peace of mind. You know that whatever happens your data is being backed up and looked after in a secure place. 

If anything bad was to happen you can get hold of it. If you require a managed backup solution, you can always talk to a company who looks over different IT aspects. 

Having your system go down can be a massive headache as every minute your system is down, is money lost. The quicker you can get yourself set up and your files restored, the quicker you can start selling again and recovering from the loss of money you had from your systems going down.