The Dos and Don'ts After A Tree Falls On Your Property

Trees usually fall due to various issues, including poor weather, aging, accidents, and more. A fallen tree presents various major functionality threats to your company which you should consider. Failing to do so means that you run the risk of injury and even lack access to places such as the garage. Fortunately, this guide provides helpful information to consider when a tree falls on your property.

Do Call a Professional Service

A professional tree removal service is ideal for addressing any fallen tree on your property. The reason is that they have the experience and tools required to remove the tree safely. Plus, they release you the back-breaking work involved in cutting branches and removing any rotting leaves. A professional tree removal service will know exactly how to handle the specifics of your property’s fallen tree and will be able to handle any unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Don’t Try to Remove the Tree DIY

Never try to remove the tree using DIY techniques because you risk physical injury to yourself and also additional damage to your house or property. It’s also a back-breaking process, which can end up leaving you exhausted from other daily obligations. Operation tools such as motorized saw machines are also dangerous, and it’s best to go to a professional service.

Do Restrict the Area

Ensure you place restrictions around the area where the tree has fallen. Do this to ensure negligent people such as pets and kids get to the reserved area. Consider locking any doors or reprimanding your kids or pets from getting to the given site. If possible, set a physical barrier such as a mini fence or visual warnings for anyone trying to access the area.

Don’t Set the Tree on Fire

Never set the tree on fire at any cost, even if your local area laws approve of the process. You run the risk of spreading the fire to the other sections of your property or your neighbors home.

Do Inform Your Family

You also have to inform your family about the fallen tree and the possible dangers to their safety. Falling branches, sharp pieces of wood, and more are dangers that can lead to various other forms of injury. Ensure your family is aware of the fallen tree and the restrictions you have surrounding its access.

Don’t Let the Tree Sit in the Are for Long Periods

Avoid leaving the tree in one area for long durations of time. The reason is that the tree might start rotting or even cause a compromise to the accessibility of your home. It’s best to get a professional service to address the issue as soon as possible.

As you have noticed, there is more to addressing fallen trees than the average person expects. You have to be aware of the few possible things to do and those you should avoid after a tree falls on your property. Doing this helps to make the process of removing fallen trees easier.