Learn how in Million Dollar Miracle

In Million Dollar Miracle, Michael E. Bash tells the incredible story of how he profited a million dollars in his 30s and continued to find success as he found more investment opportunities. His success can be attributed to his confidence in real estate rezoning as well as the many other risks he took beyond the world of real estate.

In case this is the first time you’re hearing of it, the term “rezone” refers to “a permit for the reclassification of a property or neighborhood to a more accommodating set of rules and restrictions”. To put this into even simpler terms, “rezone” refers to modifying a property for the purpose of increasing its value. He does an excellent job of explaining how one might find similar success in this area but also explains how the skills built by rezoning spilled into other aspects of his life.

Bash identifies that everyone has experienced this concept whether they realize it or not. He compares rezoning to how writers are familiar with “repurposing”; when writers take content for a specific market and tweak it for another, they put the piece into a completely new light. He encourages readers to think of ways that you might already be rezoning different aspects of your life.

So why doesn’t everyone do this? For the same reason that people are hesitant to attempt real estate rezoning; opportunities are disguised by a lackluster exterior. The people that don’t pounce on those opportunities often lack courage or vision or are simply afraid of failing. While Bash clearly had success earning a million dollars in his first prospect, he certainly had many instances where he had to cut his losses.

Bash’s courageous vision shines through in his first project when he rezoned something as simple yet disastrous as a leaky corner of a basement. With a bit of creativity, and a lot of hope that the future buyers wouldn’t investigate his genius cover-up, he successfully sold the house to a couple that lived happily for decades.

Of course, not all his stories are beginner’s luck successes; in a different house that sprung a similar leak, Michael had to go an extra mile to get it fixed. While it cost him more time and money than he had envisioned, he learned an important lesson. Sometimes it is necessary and rewarding to go the extra mile because what he got in return from the buyer proved to be completely worth it in his journey of becoming a millionaire. 

With the help of his first real estate broker and mentor, Charlie Patrick, Bash learns the importance of acknowledging your mistakes. You can only truly count on yourself to bounce back, and you don’t have to end up in a deep dark abyss; as long as you’re aware of it’s existence, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the prize. If you aren’t confident in your ability to dive into real estate rezoning after reading Million Dollar Miracle, you’ll still finish with a fresh perspective on ways to rezone your life.