One of the most frustrating laundry room problems is a laundry room that has become cluttered with too many things. A laundry room can become cluttered very quickly, and if you aren’t paying attention to what goes in it or how much time passes between laundry sessions, your laundry room could be cluttered before you know it. Here are some tips for dealing with a cluttered laundry room:

Choose one day every week to declutter and throw out old things. 

It’s extremely important not to let clutter build up in your laundry room  so choose one day every week as “decluttering day.” Once a week take any clothes that don’t fit anymore or aren’t needed as well as other things such as broken hangers and laundry baskets and throw them out. 

Avoid laundry gadgets

Laundry gadgets may seem like a good idea, but they usually just take up more space and create more clutter. Stick to laundry supplies that you know work well instead of trying out new gadgets that might not do the job as well.

Invest in custom built cabinets

Your laundry room should have as much storage as possible so that laundry doesn’t pile up and clothes can be organized by type and color. Custom built cabinets allow for the best use of space possible so consider adding some if you think they would benefit your laundry room.

Make laundry day a family event

If you have kids, make laundry day more exciting by turning it into an event. Play music while folding laundry or set up the ironing board for your little ones to practice on. You can also make laundry fun by having everyone bring in their dirty laundry on laundry day and giving everyone clean clothes the next morning.

Set up an area specifically for folding laundry

If your laundry room is cluttered, consider setting aside a specific area for folding laundry. This will keep other things out of the way and make it easier to fold laundry since you can go straight from washing/drying to folding without stopping in between.

Keep laundry supplies open and accessible

Don’t let laundry supplies get lost behind piles of dirty clothes or fall into cracks between washer/dryer and wall. Make sure that everything you need when doing laundry is easily accessible by using baskets or custom built cabinets that are clearly marked with words such as “detergent” so everyone knows where each thing goes.

Sort laundry before washing

Sorting laundry before washing helps to ensure that everything gets clean and prevents clothes from becoming tangled or damaged. Sort laundry into whites, darks, and colors and use the right detergent for each type of fabric. This will help your laundry room stay neat and organized.

Clutter can be very frustrating, but with some effort and these tips, you can declutter your laundry room and make doing laundry a breeze. Custom built cabinets can be a big help in decluttering your laundry room, so if you don’t have them already, consider adding some to make laundry day less of a hassle. If you need custom cabinets, contact Mod Cabinetry. They will be able to help you design and build the perfect cabinets for your laundry room, decluttering it and making it more functional.