Open Relationships Dos Don'ts According to the Relish App

Alternative relationships are becoming a more common occurrence in the dating world. Many are realizing that monogamy may not be their best route in life and are opting for open or polyamorous relationships. Due to the newness of this idea, a social script is lacking for regular discussion, so it is important to understand the dos and don’ts of an open relationship, according to the Relish app.

Do Set Emotional Boundaries

For many, it is difficult to separate physical and emotional intimacy. Therefore, discussing emotional and sexual boundaries at the beginning is critical to the success of any open relationship. Ask the following questions:

  • Are you comfortable with your partner sleeping with the same individual for an extended time?
  • Are you comfortable with your partner going on multiple dates?
  • Are you comfortable with your partner being intimate within your social group?

Do Set Sexual Boundaries

with emotional boundaries, it is important to set sexual limitations which
include what acts are allowed. Are you both comfortable with each other having
penetrative sex, oral sex, experimentation, kissing, and other physically
intimate situations?

Do Practice Safe Sex

safe sex is probably the most important aspect of all open relationships to not
catch and spread an STD. It is important to discuss how you will protect
yourself and each other when having multiple partners.

Don’t Assume Your Partner is Supportive of Every Date

may go on a date with a new person and have an amazing time then share the
details with your partner. It is common to receive an unexpected emotional
response since feelings are what make us human. Don’t take it personally and
break any dating agreements.

Don’t Assume Your Partner Wants to Know

This can be complicated because you may get the impression that your partner is excited about your new date and wants all the juicy details. On the other hand, you may have the “do what you want but I don’t want to know” agreement. Whether your partner does or does not want to know, it is important to communicate these details at the beginning to avoid surprises.

Don’t Hold Lasting Jealousy

Always periodically analyze your feelings of jealousy which are common at the beginning of any open relationship. Holding onto lasting feelings of jealousy will heavily outweigh the benefits of an open arrangement.

Benefits of the Relish App

Relish is a relationship training app that provides couples with a personalized and convenient option to strengthen their relationship. The benefits of using the Relish app include:

  • Access to the highly thriving and supportive Relish community.
  • Fully-customizable relationship plans.
  • Interactive quizzes and journaling for training and improvement.
  • One-on-one support from qualified relationship coaches.
  • Save money on countless hours of expensive couples therapy.
  • Unlimited support through messaging.

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