Embracing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

After David Hayden retired from the Air Force in 1992, he took a job, like many others do – and found himself unemployed only a year later. He moved to Atlanta, started an IT consultancy, and spent 20 years contracting for Fortune 500 companies to decent success.

When he was introduced to Kynect, he wasn’t interested at first. In his words: “I had become complacent. I was comfortable in chasing that dollar. I didn’t want anything else to do.”

Only a few years later, in 2008, the American economy was plunged into the Great Recession, and David didn’t get a single new contract for 15 months. He was tired of being subject to the whims of others, and decided that he needed a way to bring in extra income.

He became a Kynect Associate in 2010, and started to help others build their businesses as he built his own. “I was mad at myself for not taking the chance before,” he says. David is now living what he describes as a more meaningful life.

He sees Kynect as a way to spread hope to others and their families – and is thrilled to have an opportunity like this to share.

Guy Pryor’s Story

Guy Pryor was not an entrepreneur, and he had no sales background before he became a Kynect Associate. However, by embracing the opportunity, diving in, and rising through the ranks, he overcame his inexperience and built a thriving business of his own.

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Before joining Kynect, Guy had 14 years of experience in law enforcement. The work was creating stress and money issues in life and at home. “The phone rings and you’re out – and you don’t know when you’re coming back,” he says of his former profession.

What truly came as a wakeup call, however, was the fact that his young daughter didn’t even recognize who he was. He asked himself, “If the people I love the most don’t know who I am, what am I doing?”

To answer this question, he partnered with Kynect to discover his next path.

How Kynect Works

Guy breaks down what makes Kynect so unique like this:

“We’re in the age of the side hustle. Everyone’s doing something on the side,” he says. But Kynect stands out. Associates offer their customers essential services, like energy and wireless. “You don’t have to convince anybody that electricity works, or that they need a cell phone.” These things are already built into their budget; the difference is they get to do business with a familiar face.

He then broke down Kynect’s coverage map. At present, Kynect offers energy services in eight states and wireless services to all 50, creating many opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to build businesses of their own no matter where they are.

His assessment of Kynect’s business model is also simple: this is an opportunity to earn extra money by helping customers get what they need to get.

Building a Relationship Business

For all its simplicity, Guy doesn’t see Kynect as easy money: “It’s simple to understand. It’s NOT easy to do.” But there are systems and tools available to help.

After becoming an Associate, Guy suggests subscribing to the optional Kynect Pro suite of tools, which offers in-depth business metric reporting, a custom website, a full training library, personal development tools and more. This can help Associates track their progress, market services, and learn how to work their business properly.

To truly get things moving, Guy recommends Associates complete what’s known as “You & 2.” Simply put, it involves enrolling a handful of customers and teaching others to do the same.  

For those who would prefer to strictly enroll customers without the team-building aspect, CustomerPLUS rewards building a large customer base.  

Reaping the Rewards

With success also comes incentives, including trips to resorts, the opportunity to earn additional bonuses, and more. Guy stresses the fact that earning these rewards comes down to whether or not the Associate does the work—in fact, in 2017, approximately 0.03% of Associates qualified to earn these extra incentives.

In Guy’s case, he was committed to reaching his personal goals. “It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. You get rewarded for your efforts, and you get to help people along the way.”

From Principal to Presidential Director

Presidential Director and former school principal Susan Fisher initially thought she wouldn’t get much out of Kynect. But events over the last 14 years tell a different story.

She built her Kynect business on the side while continuing to work her full-time job, hoping to save for retirement and chip away at her credit card debt. She wanted to help people, put more money in the bank, and be able to help out her parents – and she has achieved all of that.  

When it comes to building a Kynect business, she recommends that new Associates see this opportunity and use it to start building out their A-team of likeminded people. “It’s time to go beyond feeling unsatisfied. Who sees it like you do and wants more? Go find them. Get them plugged in.”

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