How to Display Your Prized Collections in Your Home

How often do you decorate your home? Which prized possessions do you own and do you display them? Well, it is the desire of every person to own a dream home/house right? Having a home and customizing it to your liking is a dream come true. But every homeowner is responsible to make the house welcoming by doing attractive décor. Family pictures, valuable coins, and books are some of the major prized collections. This article reveals to you major tips to help you display your home treasures.

Glass Cabinet with Lights

This method is one of the most popular tricks you can use to display your prized collections. If you have shells, small animal carvings, or trophies, then this method is for you. Glass cabinets come in handy because they are transparent and attract the viewer. For example, high-end fashion stores use this strategy to draw in clients. In the same way, having glass cabinets acts as a home décor style. Also, the addition of LED lights or lamps in/on the glass cabinet is a great choice. The combination of lights and treasures gives the home a wonderful display. It will make your visitors feel like they are walking in a museum. Fascinating right?

Wall Hangings

Most walls in homes are boring, but you can change that by hanging family pictures on the walls. Family photos are among prized collections because they mean a lot in people’s lives. Different pictures capture precious moments that are part of your favorite memories. Remember, not all walls in your home can act as a picture gallery. But the wall from the entrance leading to the living room is a good choice to display photos. Also, the wall supporting staircases is ideal to have your family pictures. If your home has high ceilings, it means that you get more space to have your gallery.

Floating Shelves

Have you ever seen floating shelves before? Well, this tip will give your home a designer illusion on your display. With floating shelves, you have the freedom to customize them in different patterns. For example, you can design your shelves in diagonal, straight, or irregular styles. Depending on what goal you want to achieve, floating shelves are a good display method. One of the major advantages of this trick is that the shelves are easy to install. As a homeowner, you can display your precious books and vintage toys. Besides, if you have valuable coins like military coins, try floating shelves. These coins can be inside a glass frame which you can then hang on the shelves.

Make Use of the Entrance Space

Try as much as you can to create an eye-catching first impression when a visitor walks in your entrance. This strategy is important because you will be making use of extra spaces in your home. Having a collection of mirrors at the entrance is a brilliant idea for the display. It is because mirror reflections will create the illusion of space in your home. The prized collections can exist in different shapes and designs.

If you need ideas to display your treasures, try any of the four tricks above.