If you know someone that uses CBD products regularly, a hand-picked CBD gift basket of CBD products would be the ideal Christmas gift. It is also an ideal option for those that want to try CBD but haven’t yet. The potential benefits of CBD continue to increase in number. The guide here provides suggestions for items to include in your special picks.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

One of the most important items for a CBD user is the full spectrum CBD oil by itself. Some come flavored, others use natural terpenes that provide flavor. Those using natural terpenes should take precedence over any products containing unnatural or artificial ingredients for flavor or color.

Full spectrum is important because it uses the entire hemp plant and doesn’t isolate just the CBD. Whole plant medicine is the only way to achieve the entourage effect. Be sure to view our buying guide on tinctures for tips regarding purchasing CBD oil online. It will help you understand what to look for and what to avoid.

Variety of Tinctures

If you are able to locate tinctures formulated for a specific reason such as inflammation, sleep or anxiety, consider adding those to the gift basket too. If you know your friend or loved one experiences pain, has anxiety for any reason (even just from too much stress) or has difficulty sleeping, a formula like these may benefit them. Make sure that you purchase the varying tinctures from the same company to ensure that you are providing cohesive items from one source that has a successful formula.

CBD Bath Salts and Bath Bombs

CBD bath salts, soaks and bath bombs may be a little difficult to purchase online. They are mostly seen in medical cannabis dispensaries, but are offered by some online retailers. Choose scents that will help relax and calm as these are the most common reasons a person would require a hot soak.

If you cannot find suitable products online at an affordable cost, please view these recipes to make your own items to include in the gift basket.

CBD Infused Honey

CBD infused honey is not an easy to find item, but you can absolutely make it yourself if you can’t find it. Honey is a versatile ingredient and some people add it to their daily cup of tea or just have a teaspoon of it by itself. Use full spectrum hemp CBD oil and a good organic honey. Combine 1 cup of honey with ½ bottle full spectrum hemp CBD oil and whisk until combined. This will create a whipped honey product that looks great, is fluffy and can be used alone or in any recipe calling for honey. Adjust the measurements to fit your chosen vessel.

If you’d like to get even more fancy, consider adding a cinnamon stick or other whole herbs/spices to enhance the flavor of the honey even more. Cinnamon and honey go very well together, as to orange and honey. To make orange infused honey, just add either zest or peel of one orange and mix.

Vape and a Vape Pen Battery

Vaping CBD and cannabis is trending. Get your friends and family members currently using a CBD product on that bandwagon. You can find CBD vape and vape pen batteries online and they can be shipped to your home. Some companies even offer a disposable CBD vape pen, so that may be an option as well.

When purchasing the vape pen batteries, consider purchasing two. If the user needs a battery in a pinch, they should have a backup that is charged and ready to use while the other charges back up.

CBD vape cartridges should include either coconut or MCT oil as the cutting agent to keep the product as natural as possible. The CBD should also be full spectrum and not isolate. If it is not listed on the package or in the product’s description, make sure to ask before purchasing. Isolate is typically not as effective as full spectrum products (the same rings true for traditional cannabis vape).

Contrary to popular belief, the vape pen battery brand does not have to match the CBD vape cartridge brand. The cannabis industry creates standardized vape pen batteries that use 510 threading. The cartridges use the same threading.

Creams and Lotions

Consider adding a few small CBD topicals to the gift basket. These may help with minor aches and pains, relaxation and reducing skin inflammation. Topicals are available for purchase online, and locally where available. Some adult stores offer hemp-based massage oils that are also ideal for relaxation.

If you have a medical cannabis card and have access to a dispensary, or live in an area where recreational sales are permitted, you are likely to find several CBD creams, lotions and rubs available. Topicals designed for pain relief often start working almost instantly.

Author’s Note: My favorite CBD topical is CBD for Life Tiger Rub Lemongrass scent. It is available online and starts working within minutes. It helps reduce arthritis pain, minor aches and is great for women for menstrual pain.

Essential Oils

Many CBD users also use essential oils. Essential oils are used in diffusers for aromatherapy and topically on pressure points throughout the body. The bottoms of the feet are the most absorbent part of the body, so many techniques include application to the bottom of the feet. Choose essential oils that will help the gift receiver with whatever troubles they have regularly such as anxiety, stress, depression, pain or insomnia. Incorporating essential oils into a CBD oil regimen may be beneficial for achieving a higher level of relaxation or relief.

Consider Homemade CBD Infused Goodies

Something homemade is always appreciated. If you are a crafty baker or candy maker, consider some CBD infused treats and candies that your friend or loved one would enjoy. Make sure to tell them that they are also include CBD as an ingredient to go along with the theme of the gift.

Closing Thoughts

If you have trouble finding the right container, consider a metal pail. These are often an ideal size with multiple uses after the holidays are over. The plain exterior leaves room for you to dress it up. Get creative and include items that you think your friend or loved one would enjoy, or give them a little stock of items they already enjoy regularly. Knowing that you pay attention to what they like and how it benefits them makes the gift all that more special and meaningful.

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