The suspense is building. Politicians are running around like ants who forgot where their queen is. There’s never been a bigger battle of financial power in the history of American elections, according to some media reports. And there’s never been a more diverse group of candidates trying to slip in the back door of the Midterm election and jump into a melting pot of slippery and sleazy political antics.

Super PAC groups are circling their wagons, and betting on the candidate that can feather their political nest, so they can reap the rewards of controlling senators and congressmen. The Super PACs elect candidates in these days of Russian voter interventions. And thanks to the global economy, Super PACs back candidates that can help them do business in other countries. Those countries shower the Super PACs with money. it’s no wonder End Citizens United (ECU) is trying to pull the plug on Super PAC political influence.

Republican Super PACs are betting the farm that Mr. Trump is the next Dalai Lama of global capitalism and a modern-day Robin Hood who takes from the poor and give to the rich.

Ted Cruz is one of those senators who lives and breathes Super PACs. The Texas lawyer has the P. T. Barnum gift of gab and the slippery smile of Dick Nixon. Cruz wants another term in the Senate. And according to the conservative populists in Texas, Cruz will be in that Texas Senate saddle again. But according to an ECU Poll, his rival Beto O’Rourke isn’t going to be the push over the Republicans say he is. When Cruz said he was ahead by 18 points in the polls, he felt like his allegiance to Mr. Trump was paying off.

But the most recent ECU poll shows O’Rourke is only 8 points behind. Sure. No one expects O’Rourke to lose his seat, but the Democrats are picking up seats this year. Anything can happen, and a win in Texas would light a fire under the beleaguered Democrats. Plus, 49 percent of the people who responded to the End Citizens United poll said they weren’t feeling Ted Cruz this Midterm election. But 38 percent said he was their pick to serve Texas.

Cruz and O’Rourke are different politicians. Cruz is a card-carrying member of the narcissist club, while O’Rourke is an easy-going down to Earth kind of guy. O’Rourke doesn’t use pollsters and political consultants, to plot his political course. He relies on factual information and his intuition to present his views and his goals to the voting public. O’Rourke is a charismatic speaker, and he knows how to get a crowd motivated. He knows he’s the underdog, but he also knows this is an unusual midterm election.

When End Citizens United isn’t taking polls and uncovering financial contributions that are destroying the integrity of the election process. Director Tiffany Muller and her team are filing complaints that put governors like Florida’s Rick Scott on notice. Scott is another Super PAC baby. Scott is so entangled in the New Republican Super PAC, he served as chairman in 2017.

Rick Scott wants to be a senator. But ECU believes Scott is not Senate material because of his history with Super PACs and his questionable performance at Columbia/HCA. Medicaid Fraud allegations made Scott resign as CEO of that company.

There’s more to do to get big money out of political campaigns. And ECU is ready to expose any political candidate who runs as a figurehead for Super PACs. 2018 could be the year Political Super PACs back the wrong horses in this two-party human race.