What Does it Mean to Be Eco-Friendly 

77% of people want to learn how to live more sustainably. But what does this mean? Being eco-friendly means living a lifestyle that minimises harm to the environment and the living things on it, from plants to people. Since earth is facing a lot of environmental problems, such as global warming, water pollution, and climate change, the livelihood of the earth’s beings and everything on earth will be affected. Here is some terminology to help you understand conversations about living an eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • “Environmentally friendly”, “eco friendly”, and “earth-friendly” are all different ways to say the product you’re buying or the life you’re living is not environmentally harmful. You can even go with eco friendly patio covers for your home and can try patio covers Los Angeles for this purpose.
  • “Sustainable” and “sustainability” are terms to commonly describe environmentally-friendly behaviour which seeks to make sure humans don’t deplete the natural resources provided by earth. It is also important to be sustainable by making sure the economy also thrives for future generation of people, plants, and profits
  • “Fair Trade Certified”, “Cradle to Cradle”, and “Greenguard”, are all examples of eco-friendly logos to look out for on sustainable products. Although they mean different things, they all indicate the product you’re buying is friendlier for the environment in some way
  • “Organic” often refers to food and means the produce is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as herbicides, pesticides, or bioengineered genes (GMOs). Choosing healthy, local, and organic food can help limit carbon footprint from transportation and support your local farmers. It is recommended to buy around 50% of your grocery shop within 30 miles of where you live

 Benefits of Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle 

  • Cheaper utility bill: Living an eco-friendly lifestyle can include being more conscious of your electricity consumption. Having a lower energy consumption not only helps the planet but it can also reduce your Columbia Gas utility bill.
  • Improved health: Great quality organic and local food is easy to find and free of harmful unnatural chemicals that don’t belong in your body. Eating clean and sustainable can help improve your well-being, help you become stronger, and more energized
  • Safeguard the planet for the future: Although you won’t live forever, living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle will encourage the stability of the earth and all its benefits for future generations to come

 Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly in 2021 

  • Clean with more kindness: Using plant-based cleaners is safer for the environment and minimizes your exposure to harmful chemicals that aren’t necessary to maintain a clean household. Look for products that contain certifications, such as EPA Safer Choice
  • Keep reusable items: Remember to bring a reusable bag when grocery shopping to prevent a pile of plastic bags from piling up in a cupboard at home, save money, and to cut down on plastic waste. Other helpful items that cut down reusable waste include reusable sandwich bags, beeswax food wraps, and buying recyclable coffee capsules.
  • Search for recyclable materials: Vintage fashion always makes a come-back, so why should we stop our recycling efforts with just clothing? Not only can you recycle your waste but when shopping, you can look for products made out of sustainable fibers like Tencel or organic cotton. These materials are less toxic and wasteful but just as good for quality
  • Make a list when food shopping: Going for a food shop more frequently but buying less for what you need at that time will minimize chances of wasting food. Make sure to list the essentials before you head to the store. Food waste is a bad and expensive habit


You have many options if you want to change your lifestyle to an environmentally-friendly one. Not only can you make new friends and be healthier but you can also save money while saving the planet.