If you want to track your Social Security application that you have recently submitted, the easiest way to find it is by going online. You must go to the official website, and by entering in your information, you will be taken to the latest updates that are provided. This is not something that you normally have to do. In most cases, the Social Security card will be processed and sent to you within a couple of weeks. However, if they had requested additional information, or if you are going to do something different such as change your name or address, it might take a little bit longer. If you would like to track your Social Security number application, here are a few tips on how to get this done.

Call Your Local SSA Field Office Toll-Free

Once you have submitted your application for a Social Security card, and it has been two weeks, you will then want to start checking on its status. You are able to track your application, and also subsequently resolve any issues that you may have, based upon what they were requesting when you initially applied. The first way is to simply call the Social Security Administration, preferably an office closest to your location. These are typically toll-free numbers, allowing you to talk with an actual person at a SSA field office. Hours of operation are typically between 7 AM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday. If you want to get through quickly, the best times to do this are toward the end of the week. You can expect to wait up to 45 minutes, depending upon the time of day, and the volume of calls that they are receiving. It is recommended that you have them on speakerphone, or put your phone on your headset, so you can do other things while you are waiting.

Go To The Local SSA Field Office

Another way that you can check on the status of your Social Security card is to go back to the local field office where you may have submitted your application in person. When you go, it is recommended that you bring all of the personal identification materials that you brought the first time that you arrived. This will include your driver’s license, your existing Social Security card if you still have it, and other identifying materials. By doing so, this will allow them to identify who you are and then provide you with the information that you are looking for, in this case the status of your new Social Security card that should be coming in the mail.

What If You Are Deaf?

If you are deaf, you have a couple of options. First of all, you could have someone help you out the local SSA field office in person, just like you would in general. However, if you want to call by phone, they have a specific toll-free number that is specifically designed to help those that are deaf or hard of hearing. They make it very easy for you to enter in your personal information so that you can get an update quickly. The waiting time on this particular line is typically less, so you can expect to only be on the phone for about 30 minutes, sometimes sooner, depending upon when you contact the Social Security Administration.

Go To The Status And Retrieval Web Page

The next possibility is to go to the Social Security Administration government website. They have a section that is called the status and retrieval options page. On that page, it will allow you to view the status of any of the files that you submitted electronically. First of all, you can enter in what is called your tracking or confirmation number. This is something that will be given to you after you have submitted your application digitally. This is going to be a 16 position number, or an eight position alphanumeric number, and once that is entered in, you will click the submit button. Once this process is through, you will be given a quick update on its status, and it may also tell you if there are things that they are waiting for from you. The other option is to choose by date. For example, if you came in a few weeks ago, find that exact date, and enter that end. Remember to enter in the two digit day, two digit month, and the four digit year. One final possibility is that you can look at all of the recent submissions that have occurred, up to the latest 100. If you do not find yours at that point, then you may have to call or go to the local SSA field office.

What Happens If They Are Not Able To Find An Update For You?

If they cannot find an update for you, there could be a glitch in the system. This is something that can happen from time to time. If it is not something you can find on the computer, and you have use the toll-free number, the only avenue left is to go to the local office. They will then place a call to the main SSA office, and they will provide them with your personal information. Once they have done this, they will have the update that you are looking for, and may even provide you with a print out on the status of getting your new SSN number four card.

The Social Security Administration tries to make this as easy as possible for people to get a new Social Security card or number. Depending upon the amount of requests they have received, and in the absence of any technical difficulties, you should get this update within a minute after you have gotten through on the phone lines. If you are doing this on the web, it will be even sooner, plus you can always visit the local SSA office. You will soon have your car delivered, if everything is moving smoothly, even if they are currently behind in processing current SSN applications.

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