5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing that works by creating in-person customer experiences. These marketing methods often pop up in the form of live events that may influence prospective customers with interactive media or engage them directly with the products and services. The methods are designed to appeal to a consumer’s senses and impart a lasting impression.

1: The Real Deal

When you engage with consumers in live events, they get a taste of the real deal. You aren’t hiding behind distant advertisements but can instead interact with prospective customers and open up a dialogue about the products or services. People like authenticity and having their questions answered in a detailed and straightforward manner without the phony polish of an overproduced infomercial.

2: Capture the Moment with Media

You can capture the excitement and support of large gatherings with online images and video feeds. This influences spectators with the bandwagon effect and helps tap into the herd mentality that reduces the stress and anxiety associated with new products and services. We are social creatures who feel more comfortable emulating the behaviors of others and are most susceptible to the bandwagon effect these events generate.

3: Brand Ambassadors

When you use experiential marketing, you can influence people who participate to create their own social media at the events. When they spread the message with videos and selfies online, they are breeding brand awareness for your product in a viral manner.

Think about experiential marketing events you may have attended. You likely bought those products with some regularity after the event. While the interest in a particular product can still wear off over time without new events to spark interest, developing the initial consumer relationship is an icebreaker moment that can generate a lifetime of sales off each customer.

4: Build Lasting Impressions

If a small business launched an event with live bands that you liked and provided you with free samples of their latest treats, you will remember that experience for the rest of your life.

Since few businesses are going the extra mile to acquire and retain customers with gifts and entertainment, consumers will remember the event. And you can bank on them feeling subconsciously obligated to support the company by buying its products or services when they are available.

5: It is Easier to Monitor Success

Following up with participants to see what they thought about the particular event is a lot easier than gauging their general desire for the brand. People may be influenced by other brands or vacillate on what they think of a business when the inquiry is too generalized. Determining what they liked and what could have been better at an experiential marketing event provides defined benchmarks to improve advertising.

Experiential marketing is a game changer in the world of marketing. Instead of hiring online influencers to build a following for a product, you can create a concentration of influencers in a community. Word-of-mouth advertising from a trusted friend or family member is the best form of advertising available.