5 Reasons Melbourne Is A Great Place For Spiritual People To Live

If you’re tired of the energy where you currently reside and are in search of a different city to move to, you probably have a thousand options to consider. However, as a mystic or spiritual person, choosing a new place to live isn’t so simple.

You have to consider the spirituality of the city as a whole, and how its vibes and inhabitants will affect your wavelength. Melbourne, Australia may or may not already be on your list of prospective cities to move to, but if it’s not, here are five reasons you should add it.

Beautiful Scenery

Melbourne is absolutely covered in stunning scenery, making it one of the most desirable places on earth to live. Of course, scenic ocean and sunset views go hand in hand with a strong sense of spirituality. The beauty of Melbourne will never cease to ground you and amaze you.

Sprawling Suburbs

Though Melbourne is a large city, it also features large suburbs where you can really get away from the bright lights and relax into your quiet mystic lifestyle. Like many other places however, Melbourne is experiencing high growth at the moment, so get in there before the prices go up and the suburbs become much more populated.

Great Arts And Culture Scene

Another excellent reason for anyone – but especially a mystic soul – to live in Melbourne is the wonderful arts and culture scene. There are several yearly arts festivals and fairs, as well as multiple museums for you to explore. It is truly the type of city where artists and other spiritual types thrive, so no wonder so many already life there. Why don’t you join them?

Diverse Community

People from all over the world choose to live in Melbourne, making it a very diverse place. Meeting and befriending people from all different walks of life will enrich your life in ways you could never imagine and help to feed your spiritual self and make you grow as a person.

Indigenous Folklore

You may not know this, but there is a lot of Indigenous Australian folklore surrounding the city of Melbourne. This just goes to show that it has been home to mystics and spiritual folks for an extremely long time. Moving there will give you a perfect opportunity to learn more about this ancient folklore and to really connect with Melbourne’s past.

As you can see, for the above reasons plus many more, Melbourne, Australia is one of the best places for a spiritual being to move. Feel free to take a leap of faith and relocate there, and add to the rich spiritual culture for years to come.