If this happens to be the year you finish your formal education and are now looking at career opportunities, this is indeed an exciting time. If you are going to spend around 40 years working on something, it should be of high interest, indeed, having a passion for something is the best reason in the world to make a career out of your search for knowledge.

 Here are our top 5 sectors that hold very promising careers in more ways than one.

  1. Electronics & Robotics – The majority of UK factories and warehouses are either semi or fully automated, and a career in robotics offers a challenging and very rewarding experience. You could either be involved in design and manufacture or the installation and maintenance, both are excellent fields, and by getting into an industry in its infancy, you will develop along with the sector.
  2. Hi-Tech Logistics – A growing industry, large and very complex digital equipment needs to be transported, set up and configured ready for operation, a service offered by Tecdis, a leading UK white glove provider that is always looking for new graduates to join their organisation. This is a challenging career, and you would need to acquire a range of skills, with visits to manufacturers to learn more about the products you are working with.
  3. Blockchain Developer – Blockchain is relatively new, and this system of storing data is impregnable by hackers, with digital currencies like Bitcoin using a blockchain platform. This industry has a very rosy future, as the entire world switches its critical data to a blockchain that needs to be created and managed. Regarding salaries, take a look in the jobs sections and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see blockchain developers are right at the top of the scale.
  4. Health & Well-Being – More and more people are becoming health-conscious and moving into natural health would be an exciting career, and if your passionate about fitness and nutritious food, you could start as an assistant to a natural health practitioner. A fitness instructor will always be in demand, plus you will always be in great shape!
  5. Digital Marketing – The SEO sector is the fastest growing tech group, and a good SEO expert can command a high salary. If you like using computers and have a good understanding of the Internet and digital technology in general, then you would be ideally suited to learn about digital marketing. It is a complex industry that follows search engines like Google, trying to make their clients’ websites more prominent, and then there’s social media marketing (SMM), which is interesting to learn about.

It makes complete sense to think long and hard about a career you wish to pursue, and remember two things: always follow your passion, and apply yourself fully to all tasks that are given to you. If you have the right attitude and a desire to work hard, you will go a long way and enjoy a very regarding and comfortable life.