3 Times When You Need to Use Landscape Fabric in Your Yard

For those with active lifestyles, spending time digging weeds out of a garden can quickly become tedious. Although there are several methods of weed control, the use of landscape fabric is more efficient. That’s because it does not entail using toxic chemicals to prevent or kill unwanted plant growth. In addition to reducing the growth of weeds, landscape fabric helps in erosion control, helps retain soil moisture, stabilizes soil temperature, and makes transporting gravel from the yard easy. Check out these three significant ways for detailed information on when to use landscape fabric.

1- When You Want to Control Weed in Your Yard

Weeds rob your garden plants of nutrients by competing for sun and space. They also prevent the growth and development of fruits and flowers because of the competitive pressure they inflict on garden plants. Landscape fabric can help control weed growth in your yard when used correctly. It controls weed growth by stopping weeds from receiving sunlight, which is crucial for photosynthesis. In addition, landscape fabric can do the trick if you are reluctant to treat your garden with toxic chemicals, especially if you have children and pets.

Besides blocking sunlight from reaching the weeds, landscape fabric helps control weeds by preventing soil aeration. Soil aeration oxidizes the soil and allows water and nutrients to penetrate to weed roots. And one of the most crucial natural causes of soil aeration is earthworms. Therefore, weeds will likely grow and thrive if your yard has more earthworms. When you use landscape fabric, you will keep earthworms at bay, reducing the growth of weeds.

2- When You Want to Retain Soil Moisture

Retaining soil moisture can be challenging when using gravel as a mulch around and under your garden plants. Graven collects heat and transmits it to the soil beneath. This results in the rapid dying of the soil’s top layers, depriving your garden plants of moisture. Using a landscape fabric will serve as a barrier between the gravel and the soil. Thus, it will insulate your yard from extreme temperatures, preventing moisture loss. Since landscape fabrics help control water evaporation, they will keep your plant’s roots moist. This reduces the time taken to water the plants and helps prevent drought stress.

3- When You Want to Prevent Soil Erosion

Does your yard have a slope? Or do you live in an area that experiences heavy rains? Landscaping fabric is a crucial tool if you want to prevent soil erosion. While the water will flow through the fabric, it will still hold your vegetation and hillside in place. And by averting soil erosion, landscape fabric will protect your crops from nutrient depletion. Also, it will avert off-site effects of soil erosion, especially the risk of washing pesticides and herbicides into sensitive areas of your yard.

Everyone wants a yard that is healthy and lush green. Landscape fabric is an impressive tool that you can use to control weeds and make your garden look beautiful and pristine-looking. Call our professionals today for your garden and lawn maintenance needs.