If you run a small business, especially one that relies on online operations, customer service can easily make or break everything. It is not at all easy to offer a very high customer service satisfaction since the competition in every single industry is huge. This practically means that everyone is struggling to offer the best services. The small businesses can be frustrated by lack of budgets but remember the fact that great customer service does not actually need to be expensive.

There are many things that a small business can do. It does not matter if we talk about a service provider like Fix It Right Plumbing or an ecommerce site. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Customers Are Important But They Are Not Always Right

Every single person in business heard about the fact that the customer is always right. This adagio has been used for years but the truth is that it is not at all what is reality. The truth is that the customer can make mistakes and he/she is not always going to be right. However, the importance of the customer is huge for the small business. You need customers and the way in which you handle situations, especially in the event that customers are not right, will create a difference.

The trick is always to engage in a conversation. Instead of quickly pointing out and trying to prove that the customer is wrong, you want to talk about the situation and make them realize they are wrong. If they do that, the customer can end up in a repeat customer, which is something you do want for a small business.

Sometimes Losing Money Is Better Than Losing Customers

Doing all that you can to satisfy your customers is something that is needed. Sometimes, this does mean losing some money. For instance, if a product you shipped was not of the quality you promised, the best thing you can do is cover expenses for sending a good one to the client. You can even offer an extra discount on a future purchase as you apologize for the problem.

When looking at customer service, there will be several situations in which you will need to choose between losing some money and losing a client. If the money that you lose is not that much, it is the best option of the two.

Running the business, for many, is about making money but if you do not want to take any loss, there is a big possibility the business is not going to be successful. There are always sacrifices that have to be made and they should be made, as long as the long-term dictates gains.


As a small business owner, one of the most important things to consider is how you service your customers. If they are properly taken care of, they will leave good reviews and will recommend the business. In the age of the internet, this is something that should never be forgotten if success is the goal.