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Macedonian Central Bank Marks 25 Years Since Its Full Independence

April 27, 2017, Thursday // 10:32 in Business » Finance | Views: 84

The Macedonian central bank NBRM marked its 25th anniversary on Wednesday evening.

NBRM Celebrates 25 Years since Its Independence

April 25, 2017, Tuesday // 10:16 in Business » Finance | Views: 88

An exhibition that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the adoption of a law that gave the Macedonian central bank NBRM its official role in independent Macedonia will be opened at the NLB bank art gallery on Tuesday evening.

Minoski: Additional EUR 72 mln to Be Provided for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

April 23, 2017, Sunday // 18:00 in Business » Finance | Views: 95

­ Additional EUR 72 million of affordable loans for small and medium-sized enterprises are set to be secured through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), it was announced by Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski, who takes part in the

Macedonia Economy Stable despite Political Crisis: IMF and World Bank Say

April 22, 2017, Saturday // 12:51 in Business » Finance | Views: 192

Macedonia’s economy is stable despite all the challenges of the political crisis, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have said.

IMF Projects Macedonia's Economy will Grow by 3.2 Percent in 2017

April 19, 2017, Wednesday // 16:05 in Business » Finance | Views: 221

International Monetary Fund estimates that the Macedonian economy will grow by 3.

NBRM: Economic Outlook Positive, Political Anxiety Remains Main Risk Factor

April 12, 2017, Wednesday // 18:00 in Business » Finance | Views: 69

­ The Committee on operative monetary policies of the Macedonian Central Bank (NBRM) met on Wednesday and concluded that the economic foundations remain stable, but risks from the political anxiety continue to be pronounced.

World Bank to Launch Semi-­annual Economic Report on Macedonia, Western Balkans

April 6, 2017, Thursday // 11:33 in Business » Finance | Views: 131

The World Bank is to launch Thursday regular semi­-annual report on the economy in Macedonia and other Western Balkan countries.

Macedonia's National Bank Hosts Annual Research Conference

April 5, 2017, Wednesday // 19:51 in Business » Finance | Views: 159

For the last 20 years Macedonia's National Bank (NBRM) managed to maintain price, exchange rate stability and sound banking system, Governor Dimitar Bogov said Wednesday in Skopje at the opening of the 6th Annual Research Conference.

Macedonian Banks Will be Able to Use TARGET2 System

March 28, 2017, Tuesday // 12:56 in Business » Finance | Views: 149

­ Macedonian banks that have the right to handle payments abroad and have accounts in the MIPS Macedonian Inter-­banking Payments System, will be able to make euro payments through Europe's TARGET2 system.

Government and Public Debt Reduced Due to GDP Growth

March 24, 2017, Friday // 15:54 in Business » Finance | Views: 111

The government and public debt have reduced after a GDP revision, the Finance Ministry said on Friday.

Greece Withdraws EUR 4 billion in 2017 amid Economic Uncertainty

March 22, 2017, Wednesday // 16:41 in Business » Finance | Views: 77

­ Greeks withdrew EUR 4 billion from banks since the beginning of the year amid the uncertainty generated by the stalling of negotiations om the bailout program review, according to Greek Reporter.

Cycle of Info­-Sessions on Easier Law Implementation in Business Sector

March 22, 2017, Wednesday // 13:23 in Business » Finance | Views: 59

Cycle of info-­sessions organized by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Economic Chamber of North­-West Macedonia, ICT Chamber of Commerce (MASIT) and Epicenter International begins with Wednesday's event "Rights and obligations arising from the Law on La

MAPAS to Control Sale of NLB's Retirement Fund

March 21, 2017, Tuesday // 17:49 in Business » Finance | Views: 60

MAPAS, the agency that supervises retirement insurance companies, said it will have full control over the announced sale of the NLB New Retirement Fund company

Economic­-Social Council to Review Tripartite Dialogue

March 20, 2017, Monday // 09:50 in Business » Finance | Views: 78

The Economic-­Social Council is set to hold Monday a session focusing on the achieved results from the tripartite dialogue at a national and local level.

Standard and Poor's: Credit Ratings in Macedonia Stable

March 18, 2017, Saturday // 12:38 in Business » Finance | Views: 285

Standard & Poor's (S&P) said it affirmed Macedonia's long-term and short-­term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings at BB­/B with a stable outlook.