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Balkans Should Join EU or Could Lean toward Russia, EP Official Says

6 hours ago in World » Region | Views: 68

Countries in the Western Balkans that wish to join the European Union should be given clear prospects for membership so that they don't fall into "Russian orbit" and the EU has to be very active in that regard, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats p

HDZ Wins Most Votes in Croatian Municipal Elections

May 22, 2017, Monday // 11:04 in World » Region | Views: 38

At the Croatian local elections on Sunday, the ruling conservative HDZ party won the majority in municipal councils in 12 major cities, while its chief rival, the Social-Democratic SDP party won in five cities.

Albanian Politicians Postpone Parliamentary Election to June 25

May 18, 2017, Thursday // 21:52 in World » Region | Views: 111

Albania's political parties reached a compromise Thursday, postponing next month's parliamentary election by a week following intensive talks mediated by a senior US official, ABC News reported.

EU Suspends Funding to Refugee NGO

May 18, 2017, Thursday // 16:30 in World » Region | Views: 93

The European Union has suspended funding to a non­-government organization (NGO) aiding refugees in Greece pending an investigation into allegations of sexual exploitation and financial corruption, a spokesman for European Commissioner for Humanitarian Ai

Western Balkan PMs to Meet with Mogherini

May 17, 2017, Wednesday // 20:15 in World » Region | Views: 139

­ EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini has invited the premieres of six Western Balkan countries, including Macedonia, to an informal dinner in Brussels next week, MIA reports from Strasbourg.

Session on Election of Government Depends on Mandate Holder

May 17, 2017, Wednesday // 17:22 in World » Region | Views: 150

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi stated Wednesday that he will scheduled session on election of government once mandate holder Zaev submits draft programme and draft composition of a new government to the Parliament.

Zaev Will Ask DUI, BESA and AA to Join Government

May 17, 2017, Wednesday // 16:49 in World » Region | Views: 256

SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev said that he will ask the DUI, BESA and AA parties to join him in the Government he will try to put together in the next 20 days.

Former Guerrilla Commanders Form Pre-e­lection Coalition in Kosovo

May 17, 2017, Wednesday // 14:56 in World » Region | Views: 168

The Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) parties announced they are forming a pre-­election coalition with the NISMA party, putting the two of the largest parties led by former guerrilla commander on route to vi

Kosovo Has More Voters Than Residents

May 16, 2017, Tuesday // 18:00 in World » Region | Views: 94

With early general elections coming up, Kosovo's Central Electoral Commission informed that a total of 1,9 million citizens will have the right to vote, even though the census says only 1,7 million people actually live in Kosovo.

Montenegro's NATO Accession, Most Dramatic Change in Region

May 13, 2017, Saturday // 15:10 in World » Region | Views: 137


Serbian Church Doesn't Want Gay Prime Мinister

May 12, 2017, Friday // 20:29 in World » Region | Views: 100

The Serbian Orthodox Church is trying in every way to prevent the possibility of Ana Brnabic becoming the new prime minister, the local daily Blic reports.

US Congressional Delegation Visits Military Police Battalion

May 11, 2017, Thursday // 19:56 in World » Region | Views: 140

A delegation of US congressmen visited Thursday the military police battalion, accompanied by the Defense and Foreign Ministers, Zoran Jolevski and Nikola Poposki respectively.

Greek Defense Minister Continues Argument with New Democracy over Macedonia and Islamism

May 11, 2017, Thursday // 18:13 in World » Region | Views: 156

Greek nationalist Defense Minister Panos Kammenos continued his war of words with opposition conservative New Democracy politicians over Macedonia.

German Ambassador to Serbia Condemns Calls to Redraw Balkan Borders

May 11, 2017, Thursday // 09:10 in World » Region | Views: 345

­ German Ambassador to Serbia Axel Dittmann condemned statements about changing the border in the region, after the press asked him about the lack of response from the European Union over the recent spate of Albanian nationalist comments.

Kosovo Lawmakers Bring down Government in No Confidence Motion

May 10, 2017, Wednesday // 16:02 in World » Region | Views: 63

The Parliament of Kosovo voted on Wednesday to bring down the Isa Mustafa led Government, opening the door for new elections.