Bilingual Banknotes, ARM Emblems: DUI Increases Requirements

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In the negotiations for providing the signatures for forming a new government, the Albanian party DUI is constantly increasing its demands. As we learn from party sources, under the new upgraded and expanded requirements of the DUI, are the Denar bills to be bilingual.Денари, пари, банкноти, илјадарки

Specifically, the Denar banknotes apart from the Macedonian language to be written in the Albanian language. Where the amount is, say, a hundred denars, written in Macedonian, to be also written in the Albanian language. The party DUI also requires the motives of the banknotes to be of Albanian history and their significant figures.граничен премин богородица (1).jpg

DUI also requires the boards at the border crossings which says "Welcome to the Republic of Macedonia" to be written in the Albanian language. And maybe the most radical request of Albanian party is the emblems of the police and army, as well as the commands, to be bilingual.

There has been no information on whether these requirements are eligible for SDSM and whether they were the topic of discussion at the meeting between Ali Ahmeti and Zoran Zaev in Mala Recica.

Zoran Zaev on Tuesday was rather vague and contradictory in his explanation about the negotiations and whether his party SDSM is ready to accept the terms of the Albanian parties.

The leader of the party SDSM on Tuesday night for the first time mentioned the possibility not to get the necessary signatures and that he is not prepared to amend the Constitution.

"The SDSM's desire is to get constitutional solutions for the use on solutions. We should not allow anything that is outside of the Constitution. If we have differences, we will postpone this for six months and have a public debate in order for the citizens to decide", Zaev said.

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