Kennedy and Hector Guard Popova Sapka: Jovan Bozinovski Gives up City Life to Live in the Mountains

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Kennedy and Hector Guard Popova Sapka: Jovan Bozinovski Gives up City Life to Live in the Mountains Kennedy and Hector Photo:

I have been here for nearly two years, and I go down in Tetovo only when I need something, usually when I have to pay bills or buy something for me, the young boy Jovan Bozinovski or mostly known as Kennedy, who for almost two years is living and working in Popova Sapka says.

All those who visited the restaurant "Konak" at Popova Sapka certainly had the opportunity to see Jovan, who will immediately attract your attention with his cheerful spirit.Јован Божиновски - Кенеди - 02

Jovan Kennedy is definitely the youngest resident of Popova Sapka, and he is accompanied by his most faithful companion Hector, a dog from the breed Alaskan Malamute.

He says he does not get bored at all. When there are no guests in the restaurant, he usually watches TV, surfs the Internet and, of course, as every young man, uses social networks where he is quite popular.Јован_Кенеди__13_.jpg

Due to the fact that Jovan is there throughout the year, it has happened to him to have no contact with people for a few days. The longest period without seeing any person he had last year when Kennedy spent 11 days just hanging out with his friend Hector.

"None of my family believed me when I told them that I would live at Popova Sapka. To be honest, nothing particularly is happening down in Tetovo, it is very boring, and not to mention the air pollution. The mountain is a much better choice. Popova Sapka is kind of a magic that can be experienced only if you come here. I get off Tetovo", Kennedy says.

He says that after he moved to Popova Sapka has is not having any headaches or have trouble sleeping. He especially has a problem when he goes in Tetovo. Kennedy has problems breathing from the air pollution and therefore avoids visiting the city, although his family and friends live in Tetovo.

"There are great advantages of living here. Now wherever I go I have friends because here come people from around the country, but also many foreigners who are amazed by Popova Sapka visit us. Often, guests from European countries come and stay for several days, though they have not planned such a thing. The simply fall in love in what they see here, and on the other hand young residents of Tetovo do not want to come here very much", Kennedy explains.

However, Jovan and his most faithful companion, the dog Hector felt the power of the mountains. On several occasions, Jovan had to flee from wolves and bears.

"It happened a few times to see wolves, bears, foxes, rabbits ... On one occasion when I saw a bear just a few meters from me I had to run and lock inside the restaurant", Jovan says.

Apart from the love of nature, Kennedy is an avid snowboarder, so he told us that he is looking forward to the snow which finally arrived. He says that often puts the board on his back in the middle of the night and seeks the ideal paths for downhill snowboarding...

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