Where is Zoran Zaev: SDSM Keeps Quiet over Albanian Platform

January 10, 2017, Tuesday @ 13:15 in Politics » DOMESTIC | Views: 334
Where is Zoran Zaev: SDSM Keeps Quiet over Albanian Platform Zoran Zaev Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

After four days of announcing  the platform of the Albanian parties, complete silence rules in the SDSM. Not one official, neither the leader Zoran Zaev wanted to comment the conditions set by DUI, BESA and "Alliance of Albanians" as a condition for joining the government.

On hold are the daily statements of the leadership of the opposition that it will form the new government, as well as projects which will be realized when the party comes to power.

According to experts who know the party atmosphere, this is extremely symptomatic knowing that Zaev's promises during the campaign led towards the Albanian demands contained in the platform, especially in the use of the Albanian language.

During the campaign Zaev said that he has nothing against the Albanian language to be taught in all of Macedonia and that he in Strumica or someone in Prilep has nothing to lose if his fellow citizen uses the Albanian language.

"Achieving full linguistic equality, the use of the Albanian language in all levels of government and a guarantee of its implementation as a fundamental and constitutional right. Constitution should specify that the Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet and the Albanian language and its alphabet are official languages ​​in the country", it is said in the Albanian platform.

Party sources brief that SDSM is deliberately silent on the demands of the Albanians in order to see the reaction of the Prime Minister designate when the negotiations with Ahmeti will enter the more crucial stage.

However, the prevailing impression is that the SDSM are in no mood to accept most of the demands of DUI, BESA and the "Alliance of Albanians", because in this way they would only confirm the statements of the ruling party, that SDSM is cozying up to Albanian voters and that with their support, it wants to come to power.

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