VMRO-DPMNE Says Strumica Gas Is Corrupt with Benefits for Mayor Zaev's Party

January 10, 2017, Tuesday @ 11:15 in Politics » DOMESTIC | Views: 155
VMRO-DPMNE Says Strumica Gas Is Corrupt with Benefits for Mayor Zaev's Party VMRO-DPMNE Photo: Telegraf.mk

VMRO-DPMNE held a press conference on Monday to demand an investigation in the distribution of gas in Strumica, under the management of the Mayor Zoran Zaev. According to the conservative party, Strumica overpays for the natural gas it uses to heat the schools and several residential buildings, and which is imported through a company owned by a party loyalist to the Mayor Zoran Zaev, who was already pardoned once for corrupt practices in the city, and is also under an on­going investigation.

"Zaev came up with a scheme with his friend Mitko Andreevski, which pumps millions out of the pockets of his eflow citizens. Andreevski registered a company under the name of his wife, with no property and with only one employee, which is now managing a business worth millions. We estimate that SDSM party coffers have been filled with 2,5 million EUR in the pasta five years, only by overcharging in the three tenders to supply Strumica with natural gas, paying 24 denars per cubic meter while the ELEM public utility company pays only MKD 13 per cubic meter", the VMRO-DPMNE official Darko Kostovski said at a press conference.

Andreevski, who is also head of the SDSM party Committee on Energy, responded that the allegations are false and that the SNG Systems company operates legally. "SNG Systems won the public bid to supply gas to the municipality due to its best offer and the lowest price, that is at the market value. I categorically deny the allegations that I have made money from the business deal", Andreevski responded.

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